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For days I witness bullshit everywhere in shouts and articles, in game laws and conversations on IRC. I do not recognize the people I was used to talk with, I do not recognize who's a friend in game or not anymore.

I remember a time when we were

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Foxland Family 2nd Birthday [Edit: new avatar added]

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Hi people,

2 years, time goes fast, and although it can appear to be a short amount of time, I can swear that Foxland Family already … több »

So, I heard you like Foxes

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Heya people and Foxes !

This article is a call, let's rather say a Fox call, because yeah, we're … több »

Tribute to Xanthar Zaiban

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Hey people,

Today I am not writing about Foxland, neither some erep' stuff, nah.. Today I decided to move my lazy Fox's ass to … több »

VOTEZ ZeMakubex, c'est IMPORTANT!

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Please vote this article for ATO purpose !
If you still have your vote, please contact me to get Fr CS and help us!

Votez ZeMakubex !

Si vous élisez Alexi Bonte, vous élirez un candidat troll qui ne joue absolument
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