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A Gift To Romania

31 5 napja Megjelenés helye: Romania Romania Bulvár és szórakozás Bulvár és szórakozás

Dear eRomanians,

It seems our good friends the lolgarians, sorry, I mean the Bulgarians wish to give Romania a gift!

Bulgaria wants to give … több »

:: smeekileaks :: Judgement Day Is Coming

48 Nap 2,621, 12:24 Megjelenés helye: Turkey Turkey Politikai viták és elemzések Politikai viták és elemzések

Dear eRepublikans,


The terroristas have taken over eRepublik labs and have changed the game rules to suit us.

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:: smeekileaks :: Resource Analysis

59 Nap 2,621, 11:23 Megjelenés helye: Turkey Turkey Hadügyi elemzések Hadügyi elemzések

Goodevening eRepublikans,

As you might have already noticed The Plato has announced that we will have a "resources tournament" where your country has the option of choosing what resources it will have.

This event, if executed properly, … több »

The Benefits of Asterian Membership

125 Nap 2,620, 08:27 Megjelenés helye: Turkey Turkey Bulvár és szórakozás Bulvár és szórakozás

Dear eRepublikans,

Asteria is the STRONKEST alliance in the history of the multiverse. It controls over 84000% of the daily damage yet it struggles daily on the battlefield. Of course, their multiple failures are not due to the lack of … több »

Chinese Citizenship Act

101 Nap 2,619, 12:33 Megjelenés helye: China China Bulvár és szórakozás Bulvár és szórakozás

Goodevening Pokemons,

For many years you enjoyed full bonus and never gave any of your allies CS. You used to give a few people CS a looong time ago but you made people do backflips, jump through hoops and pass several blood tests... and … több »