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Dutch Patriots looking to Unite & Free our Country! Reopen the Coffee shops & destroy the polish plague.. Subscribe and read all about it!

UPDATE: Bilderburg Groep & thanatos the MULTI Cheat

44 Nap 2,259, 09:13 Hollandia Politikai viták és elemzések Politikai viták és elemzések

I just wanted to make this public.. I do NOT support cheating of any kind.. I also do not support the recent foul play with in the BG or its PP thanatos the Multi.. & as a Country.. We are NOT better off with players like thanatos.. he is only

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Hells Bells! Wake up Brothers!!!

15 Nap 2,250, 22:43 Hollandia Politikai viták és elemzések Politikai viták és elemzések

Just a brief yell for help!!!

We have finally gained our freedom... after months of not being on the map... and this is what we are doing with our freedom???

We have totally lost all direction.. & leadership... we have the same silly election

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FIGHT for the Netherlands! Be a Proud PATRIOT! Not a coward..

21 Nap 2,221, 15:24 Hollandia Hadügyi elemzések Hadügyi elemzések

To all eCitizens of the Netherlands..
Its time to make a decision for yourself.. It is time to Fight for Freedom!! dont be a sheep in a government trying to run to Canada.. Be a Proud PATRIOT! Lets make a stand, here! at home!!

If you want to

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Progressive Patriot?..Join the Bilderberg Groep!

0 Nap 2,131, 15:28 Hollandia Politikai viták és elemzések Politikai viták és elemzések

Are you a Progressive Patriot? Interested in living in a Free & Secure eNetherlands? Represented by actual eCitizens of the Netherlands!
The Bilderburg Groep is the Political Party for you!

Come on down to the local underground Coffee shop for

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Below the Average Prestige? between 100 & 1500?? GOLD REWARD 2Fight

31 Nap 2,126, 22:25 Hollandia Hadügyi elemzések Hadügyi elemzések

Fellow Patriots!
As you all know we are in a epic tournament where every spot we move in the top ten rankings puts us one step closer to becoming a Free Nation! The BILDERBERG Groep's number one Goal & the purpose of its creation.. As such we would

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