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US Air Force - Statistics and Soldier of the week!

Nap 1,917, 03:13 által Luis Nordmann

Hello fellow eAmericans,

Yesterday, I dedicated my article mainly to party affairs and such, today I have a full article regarding Air Force!

Mood Music: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MdDFsyR5KjM

Air Force Programs

So, a few weeks ago, I mentioned a program to reward the best soldier of Air Force. Today I am pleased to announce you the winners of this week, either inside the Air Force HQ, either the soldier win. I have to say it was a tough decision considering the soldier of the week is not picked over the damage input, if it was this way, we’d be being unfair towards our D3, D2 and D1 soldiers. We take in consideration other parameters.

Senior Officer of the week:

John Nwp - Profile Link

Junior Officer of the week:

Saraht0ga - Profile Link

Soldier of the week (call the drums!)

GladiatoriKS - Profile Link

Congratulations to all of you! GladiatoriKS, you will receive your extra supplies for today!


Overall statistics in damage input during last week:

I have to leave clear that damage input is not the only parameter to choose the Soldier of the week, we also take in consideration things like rank point earnings, strength evolution and such. If we only considered damage input, D1/D2 soldiers with much difficulty would ever stand a chance of getting this prize.

If you feel curious about how the Air Force is doing and how you are doing, you can check it out on this tool: http://muse.erpk.org/unit/743

Air Force Public Fund Raise

Everyone who wishes to help the Air Force in any way, can do it by filling up this form here and sending the amount you posted there.

You can donate here: Donation Form

I do request you to fill the form so we can keep track of the donated amounts other than searching tons of erepublik alerts. You may send your donation to the Air Force CO: Dr Luis Sentieiro, to creitzell or John nwp.

I do hope I can count on you, fellow citizen to help this MU to always keep moving further!

Thank you and AIM HIGH!

Dr Luis Sentieiro
US Air Force General

I hope you all have enjoyed your time with a good "The Drunk Donkey" reading and I hope you, fellow Air Force soldiers stay in touch with the current AF Programs! Feel free to comment! AIM HIGH!!!! Sincerely,



Luis Nordmann
Luis Nordmann Nap 1,917, 03:14

First denied and dedicated to Air Force!

Divineal Nap 1,917, 03:22

Congrats guys you did a great job! o/

john nwp
john nwp Nap 1,917, 03:23


Great Job Airmen, keeping aiming high!

Gardengor Nap 1,917, 03:52


Tiacha Nap 1,917, 05:08

Good job guys!

One Sky
One Sky Nap 1,917, 06:06

Aim High !

Esoteric DC
Esoteric DC Nap 1,917, 06:33



Mister Y
Mister Y Nap 1,917, 06:40


Unbias Nap 1,917, 07:46

Congrats, ★AIM HIGH★

Kevlar22 Nap 1,917, 08:17


XXCVBS Nap 1,917, 08:27

Hozzászólás törölve

zako soldier
zako soldier Nap 1,917, 08:30


DIRTY ANGELS Nap 1,917, 09:14


TTi09 Nap 1,917, 10:13


ligtreb Nap 1,917, 10:49

Good work Air Force!

Black Baroness
Black Baroness Nap 1,917, 11:08

I ´m always high

Trekker Tlumac
Trekker Tlumac Nap 1,917, 11:44

Great idea. But wouldn't total number of fights be the best way to determine best soldier?

Luis Nordmann
Luis Nordmann Nap 1,918, 15:40

They could help yes, but I think the strength earned and rank points earned per week should also be taken in consideration.

Trekker Tlumac
Trekker Tlumac Nap 1,918, 16:00

Those are also great markers, however I would think that those probably favor the players that A) can pay to play and sink money into upgrading the training grounds. or have a higher strength and would do more damage.
Let me clarify though, I think it is a commendable thing to honor your pilots anyways. Not really anyone else I know of is doing that. It is something I wish my own MU would do. I had even thought of making my own MU from general disenfranchisement of the whole process. Are there strength requirements in your MU?

Luis Nordmann
Luis Nordmann Nap 1,918, 17:36

Not really if you use all the makers at once, the tool we use gives us the damage per week, average damage per day, average strength earned per day, average activity (hours/day fighting) and other very important details. All is taken in consideration and I do think it's a pretty fair process.

Andrew Carnagie
Andrew Carnagie Nap 1,917, 13:26


I am The Best23 Nap 1,917, 14:37

Hozzászólás törölve

BTTrambly Nap 1,917, 15:15

Chair Force.

Luis Nordmann
Luis Nordmann Nap 1,918, 15:35

As commander of the Air Force, I will not tolerate such childish comments regarding the MU. If you have any problem with me or Air Force, solve it out of the public view. Thank you.

Arrden Nap 1,917, 15:28


Sandukaani Nap 1,918, 01:55


Gervaz Nap 1,918, 05:15

Congratz. AIM HIGH!

Magnanimous Nap 1,918, 05:50

Nice job

little baby
little baby Nap 1,918, 08:17



Gj.K.Skenderbe Nap 1,918, 12:56

RECALL for justice about Kosovo's issue!

BTTrambly Nap 1,918, 17:23

Dr Louis, I was just saying that in a friendly manner. I'm Navy, and we like to call the Air Force "Chair Force" as a friendly joke. Sorry if it was taken the wrong way.

Luis Nordmann
Luis Nordmann Nap 1,918, 17:34

Well, if that was the case, apologies accepted Didn't know you guys do it that way, sorry about my ignorance in that aspect.

kitmen Nap 1,918, 19:51

That's really more of a United States thing. I've been calling the real life Air Force "Chair Force" since I could walk. Welcome to non-Chair Force parents/life.

USMarine Corps Nap 1,919, 23:33

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