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DLS for Party President Part 2!!! Get to know Air Force!!!

Nap 1,906, 18:49 által Luis Nordmann

Hello fellow eAmericans,

Today we have “The Drunk Donkey” with my second AMP PP Campaign article and a few words about Air Force!

AMP Party Presidentials - Part 2

So, in my previous article I announced new positions in the Round Table, and I announced my goals for the departments of Media, PAC and Legal/Accounting. Today I intend to announce the rest of my goals for each department and my top cabinet people. I will although announce my full cabinet with deputies and project heads likely after the party results are decided.

Security and Technology Director: Blondeninja

Blondeninja is the kind of person that has been around for a while and has done a great job improving this party security. I do believe in her skills and her knowledge to continue her job. Although it’s not a new face and I have to admit it is hard to find people with Technology knowledge, I do believe she’s up to it and we can make this party way more secure.

Major Goals: Moving zetaboards into a hosted forum under a private domain to improve security tools. Elections held in PhP code ballots.

I know this goal might be a little insane but I don’t intend to proceed with this without knowing first if the party prefers it or not. I know from Blondeninja that if the forum was hosted in a private domain, it’d be way easier to enforce better security tools. As for the election ballots, well, we are all used to the good old forum open polls, what I have to say is: Why not make it a little more realistic? Let’s face it, in real life you don’t get to know for who your friends are voting to unless they tell you. The vote should be secret just like it is in real life. As for the PhP coding, well there is in fact a poll coded already and it is waiting to finish tests and be implemented, this poll prevents the usage of proxies and other tools that might cause the election to become rigged and unfair. If you wish the elections to become more fair, then this is the system we will attempt to implement next month.

Retention Director: CrimsonNinja

CrimsonNinja is a former Chief of Staff and someone easy going. He gets the job done and i’m hoping he can blast Retention this month. I do have some very big plans here and I have total trust my Retention Director will be up to the task.

Major Goals: Unity Poker tournament between the 4 major parties with rewards for the 3 first placed (most likely host out of IRC since it’d be a lot of people) and likely an internal AMP Poker Tournament.I expect to have more frequent games nights and I do expect to receive Interns so they learn how our leadership works.

Communications Director: Dczip

Here is a new face in the Party Leadership, Dczip has served as Communications deputy under Haliman. Considering what I have to say a job well done, I think he deserves to be promoted to the Director position. With Communications under his leadership, I do think we can keep the party better informed about our internal events.

Major Goal - Shout Squad and MM Squad, keeping them running efficiently! Revive the room #amp.comms

Recruitment Director: Lemon Vodka

Lemon Vodka is another new face around the AMP Leadership, he has been an active member for a while and as far as I know he has some experience with communications. Since we cannot have two communications directors, I decided to give this job to Lemon Vodka. I do expect responsibility from him and a very good month with us in his new office!

Major Goals: Keep it running by MMing the new players and trying to invite them to the party in order to give them rewards. Keep Battle Buddies working!

I hope you, fellow AMPers are enjoying this team and we will have more in my next article. If you wish to be part of my cabinet, please apply here DLS PP Cabinet Application.

I’m feeling the AMPs, what about you?!? Do you feel the AMPs?!?

DLS for Party President! Leading and bringing Innovation!

Air Force - Get to know and Fund Raise!

After two days in Command, I had to deal with all the Military Unit issues since supply issues, updating the HQ, the fund raise, new programs and keep the orders updated! It’s not an easy job but I do it because I love Air Force!

Considering this and knowing that some of our members rarely consult the forum, I want to place here the updated list of the current Air Force HQ with the list of all current officers under all ranks!

I’m also happy to announce from now on, the Air Force will have a program of rewards very simple:

The General will pick the Senior Officer of the week
The Senior Officers will pick the Junior Officer of the week
The whole HQ will pick a soldier of the week based on the number of kills and damage input.

The soldier of the week will be rewarded with double supplies during one day!
Officers will only get a parade for being selected!

The soldier of the month will get triple supplies on the day he/she gets announced!

Considering this, I’m hoping all soldiers will do their best to do the biggest damage input in order to have this prizes! I want some healthy competition folks!

I want to also take the opportunity to thank everyone inside and outside the Air Force who donated us and I hope more donations will come so we can keep operating!

Please donate to Commander Dr Luis Sentieiro, John nwp, or Creitzell. Fill this form with the amounts: Register your donation here


Aim High!!

I hope you all have enjoyed your time with a good "The Drunk Donkey" reading and I hope you, fellow AMP members, support me for the AMP Party President and you help the Air Force to keep up the good job by doing the best for our country!




Luis Nordmann
Luis Nordmann Nap 1,906, 18:49

First denied for AMP Party President race and for Air Force!!!


Duncan Crowe
Duncan Crowe Nap 1,906, 18:53


Jefferson Locke
Jefferson Locke Nap 1,906, 18:54


saraht0ga Nap 1,906, 18:54


Tiacha Nap 1,906, 18:54


saraht0ga Nap 1,906, 18:55



Luis Nordmann
Luis Nordmann Nap 1,906, 19:01

Feel the AMPs!!! Shut up feds, the AMPs are talking! 8D

Tiacha Nap 1,906, 19:05

Dont you dare tell me to shut up, I'm your e-wife.

Luis Nordmann
Luis Nordmann Nap 1,906, 19:06

^ I said feds, not Tiacha.

Tiacha Nap 1,906, 19:10

I am a fed. But I love you. so its ok ; )

Black Baroness
Black Baroness Nap 1,906, 19:42


Syz2 Nap 1,907, 12:15

✯ ✯ ✯ Feel the AMPs ✯ ✯ ✯

BugsBunnyz Nap 1,907, 12:15

ROFL! @Tiacha

Good luck Bro!

Viarizi Nap 1,907, 12:16

Long Live the AFA!

Divineal Nap 1,907, 12:30


USMarineCorps Nap 1,907, 18:35


MaestroAkel Nap 1,908, 14:19


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