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[SHIELD] Rolling With the Punches

8 prije 1 sati SAD Analiza ratovanja Analiza ratovanja

Welcome to this new installment of SHIELD media.

Applicable theme music:

Once again, we have a lot to discuss. There have been even more changes to the command

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[SHIELD] Deployment Follow-Up

26 prije 7 dana SAD Analiza ratovanja Analiza ratovanja

Hey there SHIELD.

Have some ass-kicking music.

First thing’s first today,



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SHIELD Command Update Day 2,331

13 Dan 2,331, 19:45 SAD Analiza ratovanja Analiza ratovanja

Here's some mood music for your reading enjoyment.


We are officially a week into the reign of Emperor BigCDizzle the Great our

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The Times They Are A-Changin'

25 Dan 2,324, 02:07 SAD Analiza ratovanja Analiza ratovanja

Well hello guys...

Music links don't seem to be working lately, so we're doing it this way now.

I just want to say, that I hated putting out an important article on April fool's day, but it's what was required.

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Vote Smart America!

12 Dan 2,317, 13:43 SAD Društvene aktivnosti i zabava Društvene aktivnosti i zabava

Good morning Vietnam!! Or... something like that.

Some music

Welcome to election day eAmerica. I just wanted to give a little bit update on how things stand today in the nation, and some

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