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Congressional Platform

1 Dan 793, 02:42 Published in USA USA

Hello everyone!

I am a fairly new citizen to Erepublik. I am very glad that I came across this game. I have set back and watched the normal eAmerican way and I have thought to myself saying I would love to try for congress. I will tell you … čitaj više »

Hospital Agreement

5 Dan 791, 11:07 Published in USA USA


Yesterday I wrote about why we should go with putting Q2 hospitals in every state. There is a lot of confusion and discussion behind this big debate at the moment. I still stick by my word to putting the Q2 hospitals in every state. But

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Hospital Theory

5 Dan 790, 08:09 Published in USA USA

As days roll on, we keep the debate going for a Q2 hospital in every state. It is a big factor as the growth of the eUSA tries to go on. We all hope for a baby boom or some type of help from above. We will start too see the candidates for congress

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