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Why Am I Conceding?

7 Dan 797, 18:49 Objavljeno u USA USA


Tonight I come and write a little speech to every eAmerican. I am not upset one bit or downed by this loss in New Hampshire. I am great full that eAmerica got Devoid back into congress! I was talking with my PP a few minutes ago and we we'

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Before You Decide You Want to be in Congress...READ THIS!

2 Dan 797, 08:48 Objavljeno u USA USA

As you all may know, this is a knock off from timothybeasley. He complained about how tired he was and how he hated it. I am not in congress and probably no where near it! But I can tell you, running is fun!


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Congressional Address

0 Dan 796, 10:29 Objavljeno u USA USA


Good after-noon everyone! I'm George Griffin!

Today is going to be a very hectic day for most Congressional Runners. I have received lots of support

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It's George!

5 Dan 793, 15:39 Objavljeno u USA USA


I am a fairly new player that has got the grasp on the game quickly. I will tell you all right now, I am not 100% up to everything. There is time to learn and time to proceed. I have met lots of nice people and I hope that goes on. I

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Congressional Platform

1 Dan 793, 02:42 Objavljeno u USA USA

Hello everyone!

I am a fairly new citizen to Erepublik. I am very glad that I came across this game. I have set back and watched the normal eAmerican way and I have thought to myself saying I would love to try for congress. I will tell you … čitaj više »