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Police Report : Don't be Named Here

Dan 1,930, 22:45 od Trickstir
April 18TH, 2014 -:- Day 2,341


While wandering around the streets of eRep, I was approached by a man in a wonderfully colored pinstripe suit. ‘My name is Indexinfinity’, he said. ‘And I have a idea to make your life better and more enjoyable. I would like to be a Deputy in the Department of the Interior so that I could share this idea with the entire eUS.’ After a long conversation with Index, I’m glad to have him as part of our team.

Indexinfinity, a member of the Feds, brings strength to the department having served many party and government positions over the time he has played the game. Currently he is the Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, as well as a congressman representing the Federalist Party. His past accomplishments include serving as DoI Sec., a multiple term congressman, Federalist Party Vice President, FedEx Director, S.H.I.E.L.D. Regiment Captain, Deputy of Defense, Deputy of Human Services and Member of Federalist Tech Division.

Exciting New DoI Program: Brought to you by IndexInfinity

Ever wanted a more exciting economy? Ever wanted to play the stock markets working as a stock trader? The eUS Department of Interior is making this happen! Experience an entire stock market backed by the eUS government!

This stock market is designed as a simplified version of a real world stock market, allowing players to buy and sell different stocks based on updates released three times a week. Best of all, you can be sure that your money is safe. This market is run by the eUSA Department of Interior, which guarantees that your money will be it will have oversight from the department and transparency.

How it works:
- Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, an article will be released detailing the value of 6 different stocks
- You can buy and sell stocks at any time. When buying, you will be pmed the amount of money you need to send in order to buy your desired stocks.

Fulfill your dreams as a stock trader! Play the markets well, and you'll become rich. The markets open for the first time on Monday the 21st.

If you have any questions, please contact IndexInfinity.

Special thanks to 11austin for assisting with this project!

Are you ready to be a part of eWall Street?

So far the Vortex has given out almost 12000 USD. Are you interested in cashing in and being part of our mob?

1. The game will start when the vortex sucks up the first contestant
2. This player will be awarded a prize, which will start at 5 USD
3. The player will have 60 seconds from the time of selection to decide to
A.) keep the prize, or
B.) throw the prize back
4. If the player throws the prize back, the vortex will suck up another random player who will be awarded a larger prize and again given 60 seconds to decide to keep or return.
5. Each player is eligible to be chosen every time, even if they already threw a prize back.
6. If a player chooses to keep a prize the vortex will implode and end the game unless a player in the room donates to match the prize kept.

Notes: Once you keep a prize you are ineligible to receive another, idle players will be given one chance to be picked and respond. If the timer runs out and you remain idle you will be removed.

We look forward to seeing all eUS citizens in #Vortex on Monday night at 1800 erep for your chance at riding the storm.

Do you have an MU you'd like to be eligible? For Stacking the Wall

Stack the Wall is a program, which gives players gold for commenting on a daily shout in your MU feed made by one of our fine staff. These comments happen once a day for 7 days!

We currently do not have a requirement for Military Unit eligibility, but we will only do this for Military Units that show they have an active young player membership. The previously visited ones have programs in place for new members. Please before you ask to sign up ensure you have an active newer player base, due to the limitations on player level. If all your members are above level 30 this program is not for you. We want this to benefit the most new players possible, while also promoting the military units who are there to support them.

To participate fill out sign up form:

Do you want gold but you aren't in the current Military Unit for Stacking the Wall? Well Bank Up 2 Strength Up is still in existence and we're giving out gold to anyone who qualifies.

How can I qualify?
1. Be a US citizen at or between levels 21-28
2. Do not belong to any anti-American group (Party or MU)
3. Visit and apply @
4. MUST fill out that form DAILY, after using Training Ground(s), to receive Gold payment WEEKLY
5. MUST apply at least 5 out 7 days to get the gold reward for applying.
6. Bonus Gold for activity on eUSAforums and for Registered IRC users!
Be Sure to check out these Official Government Newspapers for the latest News!



Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Dan 1,931, 00:31

LOL nice, v&s

Drew Blood
Drew Blood Dan 1,931, 02:23

Fear the Beard!...this guy is either an Okie or a Longhorn....

SinaAria Dan 1,931, 06:48

Fear the beard!

bigcdizzle Dan 1,931, 08:10

I lol'ed

fingerguns Dan 1,931, 09:39

lol this is weird. well done.

eShades Dan 2,341, 07:46


Btw, you should have the vortex respond to user commands! If they get chosen, let them say .take or .keep, and the bot can respond accordingly. Just a thought

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