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Captain of Industry, Soldier of Fortune

Dan 1,828, 11:47 od Jaffle

I don't know whether it's because of patriotism, but the mercenary badge seems to be relatively rare, at least in my MU (Captains of Industry). I'm going to work on completing mine, and while I do I'm going to record my movements here so that other players can get an idea of how long it takes and how much moving is required.

So far, I've already completed 13 countries:

Czech Republic

This time around, I'm going to focus on getting the badge as cheaply as possible, which will mean fighting barehanded and moving as little as possible. There will be a secondary goal, as well: to do as little damage to our allies as possible. I plan to accomplish that by picking and choosing my battles so that I contribute as little as possible.

I'm starting off in Lower Normandy, which is occupied by Poland. I've been in Zone A3 for a while because I could move cheaply between Poland, Ireland and Germany for various Daily Orders. I had planned on staying in Poland to get as many flags as possible before moving, but my Daily Orders are to fight for Australia and on second thought I'm going to move for this one. My plan at this point is to stay in France and get as many flags as possible from MPPs before moving within Zone A3.

So, I'm now at one move and $20.00.

Day 1829 update: got Australia yesterday as DO; got Greece today for DO, and finished off USA as well (was at 19/25).

Day 1830 update: finished Portugal today for DO - was thinking about moving to Greece to get Egypt and Saudi Arabia, but they lost North Caucasus, which was the only $20 move, so I'm going to sit tight another day in France and see what's on tomorrow.

Day 1831 update: I ripped through my stash of energy bars today - I've never had much use for them as 100 health doesn't count for much, and I'm using them while the 50% damage bonus is on - I figure this is when they're at their most useful. I think I went through about 25 today *snort*. Had a big day: got the DO for France today, then finished off Argentina. Italy started a RW today so I got that as well. Spent $40 to move to Turkey and got UAE and Saudi Arabia, finished Iran, and started working on Turkey - that takes me up to 9 countries and $60 in moving costs since I started counting. While in Turkey I should be able to get Taiwan as well.



the grinch
the grinch Dan 1,828, 12:00

Something I have been working on too. I am at 20 countries now. What I do is do my DO and then throw in a few fights for someone else and then slowly accumulate until I get to the 25 kills. AT some point I will have to start moving around and I am thinking just looking for a country that gets involved a lot that we usually don't see much of.

Donna Rush
Donna Rush Dan 1,828, 12:03

You're right. They are very time-consuming and hard.
I have 42 countries done for medal #6.

Auk Rest
Auk Rest Dan 1,828, 12:38

I think I have 42 or 43 countries done for it. Mercenary medals are painful!

klop123 Dan 1,828, 13:55

I only have 38 countries done, just never got to finishing it

Plugson Dan 1,828, 15:37

I gave it a serious shot a long time ago but found that the moving costs and potential to miss DO (a lot of my health goes in WRM production, so get limited fights per day) made the 5 Gold reward a bit costly for the input. However, it'd be nice to just finish it off to claim a medal.

Let us know if you figure out any good tips, Jaffle.

Marshal858 Dan 1,828, 16:54

Nice Article, you have the right idea about not moving around much, I got my medals a while ago when gold was worth a lot more, now days moving around a lot could easily cost you more than the 5 gold you get as a reward.

Lord Beorn
Lord Beorn Dan 1,828, 18:02

i think it is cheaper to move to the big powers cause you can fight for a lot of resistance countries for no cost

Plugson Dan 1,828, 19:47

So RWs count towards the Merc Medal?

If I move to Poland and fought in RWs to help 3 other countries, then I could be getting my Merc count for those I help to liberate?

If so, great idea.

ragalanow jadon
ragalanow jadon Dan 1,829, 23:31

X2 "What I do is do my DO and then throw in a few fights for someone else and then slowly accumulate until I get to the 25 kills. AT some point I will have to start moving around and I am thinking just looking for a country that gets involved a lot that we usually don't see much of." plus it was good when poland was around cuse i could throw a few fight on they're mpp stack

Mason Grey
Mason Grey Dan 1,829, 03:50

I have 31 countries done. Though fighting barefisted isn't all that good. You'll level up fast so if you ever plan on getting lots of BHs then that would be harder Goodluck!

Mary Chan
Mary Chan Dan 1,829, 09:41

I'm currently at 39/50, recently adding one more country every 2-3 days.

If I fight against allies for the merc medal, I try to pick an unimportant battle or where the outcome is already determined, get no more than 25 kills, and use lower quality weapons (vs. a Q7)

Prome Dan 1,829, 12:38

It's harder now with current economy, due to moving is way too expensive . I think I'll stay with one MM for some time.

Umbra Bellator
Umbra Bellator Dan 1,829, 15:37

when i did my first one i spent some time in China.. they had 7 or 8 battles (RW included) at once, so i used their size and just worked on it from there

Jsboutin Dan 1,830, 07:09

I've got two of them before deciding it wasn't worth it (going through the list of battles trying to find one you haven't fought for yet to get that 47th country can be a bit of a pain in the ***), but if you feel like it, just move to different large countries and fight for the resistance.

You can usually get one country done every day, in addition to your DO.

Also, bazookas are great to use for this purpose, if they're no longer relevant for you damage-wise.

Pants Magee
Pants Magee Dan 1,830, 07:22

I actually have this Medal and I am in CoI, wow go me! I think with just doing daily order stuff I am halfway to a 2nd, but in order to complete 50 countries it is pretty hard to not fight against some countries considered allies to your homeland. My advice for fighting allies, pick battles that are already lost by 10% or so, that way you wont really be affecting anything.

P. Magee

Isaac Rose
Isaac Rose Dan 1,830, 09:46

I only have five countries. Most battles today are rebellion, and that requires moolah. Frankly, I don't have that kind of money.

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