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[DLS4POTUS] Fighting Internal and External Threats!

Dan 1,984, 13:43 od Luis Nordmann

Hello my fellow eAmericans

Today I will bring you another brief of my platform along my cabinet members regarding Homeland Security and the Defense team. We will explore today Internal and External threats in a follow up of yesterday’s foreign policy document.

Fighting External Threats

The military has ALWAYS been the crux of our nation – It’s the paramount force to help impose our will as a nation … without it, we’d be a small time player. But such an important factor in our Foreign Affairs needs strong leaders.

We will run audits into all USAF Military Units in order to determine where the money is being well spent and where it’s not, after careful evaluation, the Secretary of Defense will give the money amounts according to the MU needs and inside the budget enacted by congress. We will do our best to organize and plan our wars and invasions with NSC and predict possible scenarios such as a Serbian invasion. Defending the country will be the HIGHEST priority. We will also keep a good level of communication between the DoD, NSC and DoS, having the DoD publish order everyday like it is already done.

We will also require the current USAF COs to run evaluations on their own officers and weed out the ones found incompetent. In a time where we will possibly find a tough war, it is of a huge importance to have competent officers running the MUs.

In sum regarding External threats and the Department of Defense:

- Audits to the USAF MUs in order to determine more effective money management and find solutions to that issues together with the COs.

- Enhanced communication between SoD, NSC Directors and SoS.

- Defensive plans in case of Air Strike and Invasion as well as counter-attacks in order to defeat our enemies.

- USAF Officer evaluations.

Now I am pleased to give you the Defense and National Security Council Team!

Secretary of Defense


Mr. Swagg has been in the executive previously as Secretary of Education, he is reliable and currently a Rogue Squadron officer. I believe Mr. Swagg will bring some fresh air to the DoD and I have faith that he will be the ideal person to get the USAF back into shape.

Cabinet got swagg right? ; )

National Security Council Co-Directors

Fhaemita Malodorous

Lemon Vodka

Fhaemita was recommended by our current NSC Director N0s3y and I believe he will do an outstanding job with NSC, as for Lemon Vodka, he is currently deputy Secretary of Defense and he has done a good job, he will be in charge of strategy together with fhaemita. I would also take the opportunity to bring back someone who knows his way around strategy as well and someone who has been pretty close to me since he is the largest Air Force commune holder. Ladies and gentlemen, I bring you back to assist NSC:


Fighting Internal Threats - Homeland Security

As you all know, the AFA has been losing in regards of the PTO but some sort of questions have been in the mind of the current population for a long time: When will we get rid of Unity Elections? When will we be able to have safe elections? When will we be able to not have the AFA PTOers around? Quite honestly, I don’t know. I could attempt to predict basing on the previous months indicators but predictions not always work right considering the diversity of variables and factors (yes, I’m putting Plato in here too because... Gold mine), so here is what I propose:

I will expect DHS to create a protocol to consider the following factors to get rid of the unity process:

- Number of illegal immigration apps.

- Number of AFA votes in all elections. (CP, Congress mostly, even tho PP ones are also important)

- Number of parties aligned to the AFA under their control.

- Number of former PTO parties under our control.

- Number of total PTO members (AFA + puppet parties)

This protocol will be divided into zones in which the zone where we will get rid of the unity process shall be when the those variables are under a certain value. I expect this protocol to be worked out together between the DHS and the various Party Presidents in order to reach a consensus.

Cooperation between DHS-CIA-IES should be at maximum. Citizen reports should be looked up and evaluated. I would like that those 3 organisms would gather together and create a central blacklisting database in order to make things easier for IES and CIA since both agencies can benefit of their mutual intel, although I would not want IES to have access to sensitive information like CIA has but yes some sort of list where IES could check for threats.

In sum regarding Homeland Security:

- Central Blacklisting database

- Enhanced communication between DHS, IES and CIA.

- Unity Elections lifting protocol.

Now I give you my Secretary of Homeland Security!


Kody has done an amazing job during the past months on DHS and I would like him to continue this way in order to improve and keep the eUSA safe from PTO attacks.

The PotUS Campaign Series!

1) – An Announcement and a Leadership

2) – Fighting Internal and External Threats.

3) – Domestic Affairs

4) – Final words and thoughts

On a side note, I would like to leave clear that I will answer Glove’s questions within this weekend, most likely on my final article in 2 days.

If you need to know anything regarding DLS4POTUS campaign, please click one of the following buttons! We will make America even more sexy!

Yours in Service,

Dr Luis Sentieiro



Luis Nordmann
Luis Nordmann Dan 1,984, 13:50

First denied to fight against the PTO and for a more organized USAF!

Thorin II Oakenshield
Thorin II Oakenshield Dan 1,986, 07:54

Good team.
Except for Lemi... he pretty much sucks.

olivermellors Dan 1,984, 14:27

I like math. I'm anal retentive. But is the MU audit thing just buloney or is there an actual issue with management of money, human resources, assets or with existing military leadership? IF such a problem exists, I wouldn't mind you telling me about it so I don't think you are just inventing a problem which needs to be solved by a PC candidate looking to get elected. IF there is a problem, why haven't we heard about before from you or the other candidates? Sorry for the skepticism (see anal retentive part, above).

Bruce Killah
Bruce Killah Dan 1,984, 15:14

i couldnt read the rest after "anal retentive" im just too immature

Luis Nordmann
Luis Nordmann Dan 1,984, 15:22

Not a question of inventing a problem, Defense budget was sliced months ago because our revenues are not enough. USAF MUs were forced to cut their expenses without precedent, I think it is reasonable the DoD audits the MUs to make sure the money is being well used, furthermore to allocate the money where it is more needed. I think it is reasonable.

Also, there is in fact an MU that I think it is kinda overspent but since this information is in a confidential report to the Pentagon, I cannot use it here.

As for the officers, COs should evaluate their officers and get rid of the ones who don't do their work, the same way COs are evaluated by the DoD regularly.

olivermellors Dan 1,984, 15:53

As is usual, we can't be told about confidential information and must be satisfied with empty platitudes. Any administration is going to be aware that there has been a drop in income compared to six months ago, will encourage communication and hope that junior officers are supervised by senior officers. Don't blame you for stating the obvious but don't think its a strong plank in your platform.

Duncan Crowe
Duncan Crowe Dan 1,984, 14:54

Education to Defense?

voted for kody5.

Luis Nordmann
Luis Nordmann Dan 1,984, 15:10

I went from Education to State in my time, also, he's an RS officer. I honestly think he can do well.

The Valeyard
The Valeyard Dan 1,984, 14:56


Mister Y
Mister Y Dan 1,984, 15:36

Voted. Good luck!

Alexander Radsoc Goebbels
Alexander Radsoc Goebbels Dan 1,984, 15:59

Strength and Honour

Black Baroness
Black Baroness Dan 1,984, 17:26

For a safe and sexy eAmerica with DLS as CP

Kaad Dan 1,984, 18:55

gl Fhaemita

Kaad Dan 1,984, 18:55

gl Fhaemita

Arrden Dan 1,984, 19:39

I like it A lot

Albert Kinchasse
Albert Kinchasse Dan 1,984, 20:14

\/ & S

Mr. Swagg
Mr. Swagg Dan 1,984, 20:34

i hear that SoD is a loser, but the other guys seem cool!

Black Baroness
Black Baroness Dan 1,986, 02:49

yo Swaggy I agree with you xDD

LiL Serxhio
LiL Serxhio Dan 1,985, 01:04

v & congrats bro America really needs you Sexytimes are coming

Anwnimos Dan 1,985, 02:32


Divineal Dan 1,985, 14:32

Feel the Sexy times! xD

Elynea Dan 1,986, 06:01

voted for Fhaemita : a nice person.

Roper 70
Roper 70 Dan 1,986, 08:10

There is more to eUSA than eUSAF and AFA, Just saying!


Luis Nordmann
Luis Nordmann Dan 1,986, 13:58

I know Roper, there is my previous article about foreign affairs and I'm about to publish one about domestic affairs. : )

I just split my whole platform/cabinet into 3 parts so I wouldn't overwhelm everyone with a single article ^-^

fingerguns Dan 1,987, 12:46

props for getting a proofreader

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