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Message to IronToader

10 il y a 2 jours Canada Interactions sociales et divertissement Interactions sociales et divertissement

As per CptKaydee's profile note "you pooped in the refrigerator?".

Nah but I've sharted more than once in my day. If I counted it on 2 hands how many … en savoir plus »

National Pride.. Warning to Serbia

22 il y a 3 jours Canada Analyse de guerre Analyse de guerre

Maybe Serbia didn't get the memo. Maybe Serbia didn't see us waste 8 months of our nationality standing up to a nation … en savoir plus »

The Old Code... Top 100?

34 il y a 3 jours Canada Analyse de guerre Analyse de guerre

Regardless of the title this article is about the top 50 I set up almost a week ago. You F**ckers must be bored … en savoir plus »

Cookin With Gas

41 2,467 jour, 02:05 Canada Analyse de guerre Analyse de guerre

Just some thoughts from an old warmonger while we sit here in stagnation. I haven't had the time or inclination to follow our politics or the worlds. Political or war … en savoir plus »

Fortune favours he who fights for it

46 2,450 jour, 05:09 Canada Affaires et finance Affaires et finance

I show up for election day with no endorsement as I don't know whats going on. So I give none regardless of who's running. I still live and I always … en savoir plus »