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Rylde Standing down

41 il y a 4 jours Published in Canada Canada Débats et analyses politiques Débats et analyses politiques

I'm disarming my war chest as a sign of good faith to the Govt and my fellow Canadians.

No Civil war will be started by me at this en savoir plus »

Long in the Tooth

24 2,738 jour, 00:48 Published in Canada Canada Interactions sociales et divertissement Interactions sociales et divertissement

I've never really paid attention to my anniversary date or birthday in the past. The only thing that made me notice and check was Yetlanesi's article released yesterday and I knew mine was sometime in … en savoir plus »

[House Rylde] Insurrection and Anarchy

71 2,735 jour, 18:45 Published in Canada Canada Analyse de guerre Analyse de guerre

I'm putting out the call to all those who don't wish to support the current Govt led by the CPF Moose to follow me to war. Canada was sold to the Dill Pickle for a months term as … en savoir plus »

[House Rylde] Civil war Bonds

8 2,733 jour, 02:05 Published in Canada Canada Affaires et finance Affaires et finance

The house of Moose and Rylde will shortly be coming to a head and I feel I need more coin on hand to battle my foes.

So I'll be offering 200 bonds of 2000cc at 20% interest rate to be paid on the 16th of … en savoir plus »

[House Rylde] Canadian Civil War

30 2,732 jour, 23:59 Published in Canada Canada Analyse de guerre Analyse de guerre

Lets not waste time and get right to the meat of the subject of our nation heading to a period of civil war. Currently my backers and supporters … en savoir plus »