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i have one too

Q1 Houses,

3 2,698 jour, 08:50 Published in USA USA Affaires et finance Affaires et finance

if you activate a q1 house, you will get 24 over time work tickets a day, and then be able to work over time once per day.

a house lasts one week. so you will work 7 times more if you buy a house, you currently make 58 currency or 350 currency

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there is a lot of currency on the MM

1 2,693 jour, 10:00 Published in USA USA Affaires et finance Affaires et finance

wow, it is really interesting! the amount of currency on the monetary market :)

i wonder does anyone have any suggestions as to how we get people to change their mind about how good an investment currency is.

here is what people think is

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where to attack?

2 2,692 jour, 11:04 Published in USA USA Consignes de combat Consignes de combat

we need to test our ability! if we are not using our army we will lose it! we will lose the discipline. we will lose the motivation to attack.

i propse we attack the polish, we need to tell the to "pocałuj mnie w dupę"

and we must force

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Times have changed! Home ownership is cheaper than ever!

3 2,673 jour, 08:07 Published in USA USA Affaires et finance Affaires et finance

I have decided that now that we have full house bonuses. and low vat tax on q1 houses. that i can resume house production!

here is the simple math i used.

q5 house raw full bonuses produce 500 HRM per worker

it takes 2.5 workers to

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The lies of the dictator!

8 2,670 jour, 06:06 Published in USA USA Débats et analyses politiques Débats et analyses politiques

TL;DR; anyone who read the updates know putting a dictator in power does in no way protect us from foreign dictatorship!

quote from the updates:

Revolution - preparation phase

Revolutions are campaigns against the Dictator and his

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