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Ovako bi trebao da izgleda ,najjednostavniji clanak !!! reizdanje za eBiH

871 jour, 06:28 Published in Bosnia and Herzegovina Serbie de Salahudin el Ajub
Dobar dan

Odlucio sam da se malo oprobam sa kodovima i podijelim sa drugima ,sta sve moze da se

uradi za par minuta ,bez velikog znanja i truda

Dvije, tri recenice ,jedan link i par smjesnih slika


Ako ima neka ebeba da je ugrozena, a nije multi nek se slobodno javi !!!

Jedan link npr u ovom slucaju moj ili kod vas vas ili bilo ciji link koji zelite postaviti

Smijesna slika

Ratna slika

I to je to...
vidite nije nikakva mudrost !!
nadam se da sam vam pomogao

Good morning eAmerica!
This is my first official addressing to the public as president, and one of the founders of AFA.
As u could notice I
Because I didnt have enough time, i worked a lot for AFA to become what it is today.
Actions are stronger than words to me, so i will mentions some of my results left behind me and my co-workers. And I'll take this occasion to thank them a lot for their efforts.

1.We created real opposition in eUSA, AFA, but I can also see some smaller parties to follow our lead, and im very pleased with that situation.
2.Before our actions to introduce democracy in the game, there were small elite of maybe 20 players that decided future of our e-nation, behind closed doors and hidden from eyes of public.
3.I was pressured and blackmailed by the same ruling elite im fighting against. They even offered me 1,000,000 od eUS dollars to back of and let them play with OUR nation! But i didnt back up! And i hope next person that sits on my chair will have the strength to do the same, and fight for our cause! YOUR cause!
4.|Ruling elite is shaken and its only matter of time before that fall.
5.This process is unstoppable, and WE should show that we are not like them, greedy, selfish, eager for money and power.
Thats why im resignating from all positions in AFA, and giving younger people chance to prove themselves, which will hopefully continue where I left off and do even better than me.

and dont worry I will not resign now, ill finish mu term and then im definitely getting out of politics.

Its time for me to retire and enjoy rest of my elife in beautiful Florida.

I want to tank you all for your support, even those who didnt liked me, they gave me motivation to fight harder.

This is a game, so lets play!


MTM Bank
MTM Bank 871 jour, 06:30


Cvorovic Ilija
Cvorovic Ilija 871 jour, 06:38

Deja vu?

Anes Tesanj
Anes Tesanj 871 jour, 06:59

A nigdje nema objašnjeno kako da se dođe do tih slika

GAMA CORPORATION 871 jour, 07:02

alo breee.. pa skalnjaj dupli -.- strasno ... covece... to je najnize u novinarstvu... nemoj ni savrsene clanke 2 puta da objavljujs... idem remove sub ...

vlastimiri 871 jour, 07:09

Deja vu?

MTMilly 871 jour, 07:19

ne znam u cemu je problem jedan je u eBIH
a jedan u eSRBIJI
dva medijska prostora
a ovaj clanak nije ni izasao zbog subova
vec je edukativnog karaktera
do slika imas adrese dva sajta, koji doduse nisam linkovao
ali to mislim nije nikakav problem

Salahudin el Ajub
Salahudin el Ajub 871 jour, 07:23

@GAMA CORP..MOLIM TE UNSUB to i nije ni poenta...
poenta je da informacija bude DOSTUPNA SVIMA !!!

noBru88 871 jour, 09:20

jao ovih sto dizu odmah frku ko da si im kiselinu DVA PUTA na lice bacio

MTM Bank
MTM Bank 871 jour, 09:36

koliko vidim nisu isti clanci ! i bezpotrebno polemisete
jedan je na ebosanskoj ijekavici ,a drugi na esrpskoj ekavici !!

bananchi 871 jour, 11:01

Jel moze neki pokloncic?

Gavrilo 5
Gavrilo 5 872 jour, 03:38

psi laju a karavane prolaze. bravo mili i samo nastavi da pises vote

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