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Jai Hind

1,913 jour, 09:50 de Dranze R
Party Report
Ok, I thought of doing something for holding the spokesperson post of the party. So here it is.

For long, the public image of Jai Hind has been that as just another dead party with no real activity. While it may appear that way, it actually is not true. The party's casual and laid back approach to issues coupled with non existent media presence, has created such a public image.

Infact, the party has above the average activity than any other party. There has also been a steady increase in the number of party members in the last couple of months. The congressmen also have been actively participating in the issues and discusions in Congress.In short, the party is not inactive as some think.

So consider joining the party.

Moving on.
I'm contesting for the post of President of Jai Hind Party. I'm not going to post a run of the mill manifesto, mentioning same old 4 point agenda:
increase members, increase activity, choose reliable congress, choose a eligible candidate for CP post.

All I will say is Vote for me :D

There is commune in Jai Hind Army. People who are interested can join Jai Hind Army MU and take up Ashwamedh's job offer here. You will receive your weapons every week. The more the people, the better, and it is of great benefit to the newbies. So I suggest,do take up the offer.

And there is also dispatch system of all citizens under 2000 strength. Each eligible person gets 20 Q6 weapons per day. You can apply here daily. Open for citizens of any division, any MU, any party.

The National Radio can be found here. It's still a work in progress, so it may not be active always.

Dranze R
Minister of Defense,
Commander of BRATS
Head of Dispatch
Jai Hind Presidential Candidate

(not bragging) :P


Lonqu 1,913 jour, 09:54


Abhinay Gupta
Abhinay Gupta 1,913 jour, 10:06


Patanjali 1,913 jour, 12:15

I will watch you too

Khurram Innocent Monster
Khurram Innocent Monster 1,913 jour, 13:39

Let's see what comes out, Good luck!

GouthamKrishnan 1,913 jour, 19:02

o7 Good luck buddy

games.k67 1,913 jour, 19:34

Good luck Dranze R

Zordacz 1,914 jour, 11:05

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