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Gold Up, Job Market Down

1,899 jour, 17:38 Published in USA États-Unis de Jmaj

As I look at financial news I see that gold prices are up while pay is down. I feel like there is lots of American capitalism taking place. The gold is up because the sellers see that the demand is high, and even with not a lot of money, people will purchase the gold so they say, Why bring these prices down? From a business standpoint, they can do this with lots of supplies. I also don't know but maybe the value of the dollar has gone up.



Syz2 1,899 jour, 20:21

Actually, gold used to be worth thousands of USD. Now its under 300. It has risen slightly from a bit before, but there is deflation of USD.

Jmaj 1,900 jour, 06:12

I know, I have been covering that

Dylan Thomas10
Dylan Thomas10 1,901 jour, 09:52

I wish I had more money only if I had the money I before the economic collapse. I always say to myself I am going to horde money and when there is a collapse I will go nuts and buy a crap load of gold. =[

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