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[Ashwamedh] A Suggestion For The Admin Team

1,905 jour, 01:07 Published in India Serbie de Ind1anMartyr

Dear admin team,

Why the new interface?

Leave everything unimportant (economy, army, politics) else aside (/end sarcasm)... Im really flustered by this new interface!! Just makes ALL newbie guides redundant! :(

How the hell are we supposed to retain new players if you keep changing the interface and features so regularly!!

With this in mind, I suggest one solution...

Why don't the admin group write a tutorial for new players instead? It would be easy for you to directly update the css!



blood n bullet
blood n bullet 1,905 jour, 02:21

Agreed..admins should design tutorials which are standardized..

Alias Vision
Alias Vision 1,905 jour, 04:08

We are playing Survivor... however in this version you get to see how long you last before you vote yourself off the island!

Ind1anMartyr 1,905 jour, 04:16

^^ AV +1 : D lolz

Asmitatheone 1,905 jour, 04:41

True Dat!

ayush121212 1,905 jour, 05:03

voted we need new guides to help newbies.
plato we need economy module not the GUI.

Xicor13 1,905 jour, 06:01


Lonqu 1,905 jour, 08:49


Patanjali 1,905 jour, 10:28


Ash dear, my friend, I told you before too, romanians atitude toward work is very similar with indians atitude so, do not offend them by asking them to work ))

Dranze R
Dranze R 1,905 jour, 11:53


Manikandan Kaliyamurthi
Manikandan Kaliyamurthi 1,905 jour, 11:59


rituraj 1,905 jour, 17:57

what does this o7 mean

Bon3fang 1,905 jour, 21:11

yeah i have had this question for sometime now ..

Abhi347 1,905 jour, 22:40

o7 is a salute :-p

Akshit IInd
Akshit IInd 1,906 jour, 01:45


Lysander Spooner II
Lysander Spooner II 1,906 jour, 04:44


Addy Lawrence
Addy Lawrence 1,906 jour, 21:36

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