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Why am I so Bloody?

[Dignity Brigade] Attention!!!

33 hace 7 días Suecia Órdenes de batalla Órdenes de batalla

What a sorry bunch of suckers and saps you all are...

Since moving to eSweden, we've gotten as lazy and freeloading as the socialist suckers that live here!!!

We need some unity in this MU, we are currently all off doing our own things!

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18 Día 2,326, 15:04 Suecia Debates y análisis político Debates y análisis político

I've always played this game for the politics.

I'm outspoken, brash and hot-tempered. But I'm also always calculating and figuring out what needs done.

I love politics and was the foundation of 2 completely different parties in eSouth … leer más »

Hello and Hallå

36 Día 2,324, 21:23 Suecia Entretenimiento e interacción social Entretenimiento e interacción social

Hey all you Swedes,
My name is Claudio and I would like you all to meet your new ruler.

(That's right, I come with a posse)

I'm actually not looking to be your

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I can have as many links and pictures as I want....

8 Día 2,323, 09:13 Sudáfrica Entretenimiento e interacción social Entretenimiento e interacción social

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Country in Need of a Wipe

63 Día 2,319, 14:59 Sudáfrica Análisis de la guerra Análisis de la guerra


We are South Africa. Currently Occupied by the Lazocrats. They want a country of their own so that they can give it to Argentina.

For those that don't know:
The Lazocrats are an MU that obeys only Argentina. They do

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