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Tis ours, the dignity they give to grace
The first in valour, as the first in place;
That when with wondering eyes our martial bands
Behold our deeds transcending our commands,
Such, they may cry, deserve the sovereign state,
Whom those that envy dare not imitate!

[We the People] Oblige for Congress!

4 Día 2,010, 21:13 Publicado en USA USA Debates y análisis político Debates y análisis político

Dear America:

I'm running for Congress for lucky Term Number 13, and in homage to the great style of Emerick I will be tweaking my usual copy-pasta congressional article. … leer más »


83 Día 2,002, 08:47 Publicado en USA USA Órdenes de batalla Órdenes de batalla

Dear Friends,

I'm sure you've heard- there's a MU contest about to begin.

Like any good commander I'm … leer más »

USAF Announcement and Thanks For Listening to the Presidential Debate!

20 Día 1,983, 07:56 Publicado en USA USA Entretenimiento e interacción social Entretenimiento e interacción social

Now that the debate is over, this space will be utilized by the Department of the Interior!

[DoI] Free Stuff from the eUS Armed Forces

The eUnited States Armed Forces have many branches for you to join. Branches differ in … leer más »

Guerrilla Fight Beta Test!

71 Día 1,925, 07:22 Publicado en USA USA Análisis de la guerra Análisis de la guerra

The eRepublik Guerrilla Fight Beta has gone live and this is your chance to participate! Like eRepublik on Facebook and comment with your player ID for a chance to be one of ten lucky players to be added to the Beta Test! Read on for more

leer más »

[We the People] Oblige for Party President

24 Día 1,911, 19:52 Publicado en USA USA Debates y análisis político Debates y análisis político

So, it should be no secret by now that I'm seeking the Party Presidency of We the People.

One of the benefits of being an established player is that by now most … leer más »