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Helping Our Allies, Helping Ourselves, and Neither at Once

Día 1,899, 08:11 por Jaffle
Plugson commented in one of my articles: "I'm sure Jaffle would have written something differently if the CP or the MoFA had prepared an article with more explanation about what's going on out there."

Based on what Rylde has said about his motives since, I stand by I wrote.

Take a look at Sweden's war with Latvia: do you see a pattern there? Does that look like a struggle to the death to you? They've been fighting since Jan 1 (~30 days), and they've only 17 campaigns - in other words, roughly one campaign every other day. What should that tell you? Neither president is pushing the attack when they win. Also, after 17 rolls of the iron dice, the score is 9-8. Hmmm.

Now take a look at Finland vs. Estonia: active since Dec 12 ! Only 26 campaigns in ~50 days, and their score is 11-15.

Both of our principle allies have arranged more or less permanent training wars.

Our CP apparently saw the value in this: "I was looking at available options and was about to Message UK's CP to see if he would be intrested in a training war." But instead of following through with a good idea that would take a little work on his part, he took the easy way out.

In the absence of any explanation from our CP, people gave him credit for having a grand plan. I was skeptical of the grand plan theory, and it turns out I was right: starting a war with the UK was not for the benefit of our allies, it wasn't the best option, and it wasn't the only option. It was taking the easy way out. Was it heroic? Sure, if you define heroic downwards to include posting screenshots from Lord of the Rings during refractory periods.

As I said before, we get to pick another CP before we risk losing our congress again. Time to try someone else.



Exalted Druid
Exalted Druid Día 1,899, 12:34

Changing CP's now does not change what has already happened. Are you prepared to give up regions for peace as Spain has proposed?

TheBurningMan Día 1,899, 12:46

Either I have missed it, or I don't see what you mean by the easy way out.

Ardikus V2
Ardikus V2 Día 1,899, 13:23

"he took the easy way out."

The Training War would be the easy way, its secure, safe, and no one will Criticize it. Rylde took the hard path of true war. Opening himself to critics like you.

Real leaders take the Hard Path, because the Hard Path makes you Stronger.


Plugson Día 1,899, 15:09

I don't know what's easy or hard in this game...mostly it's just pushing buttons and getting people excited about a political issue or a battle. Maybe the hard thing is building something that others can pick up and build on later, sorta like a treaty, or training war agreement, a region-swap, or making stronger connections with allies in an alliance.

I can't say for sure what hard will have been done by Rylde until after he leaves office, because then we'll see what 'legacy' his work as CP will have left us.

It's work considering those observations about Asgard's two other training wars vs our interest in one. I thought we were fighting to protect our allies...but they are engaged in training wars? Maybe some kind of detail is missing here.

Ardikus V2
Ardikus V2 Día 1,899, 15:50

Finland and Sweden aren't in TW's, as far as I know. Just very extended conflicts with their enemies.

Bryan Alexander
Bryan Alexander Día 1,899, 16:20

The NE on the UK was more in response to their aggression on Norway which of course has close ties to Finland and Sweden.
Which is even referenced in the article that you link. I wouldn't call it a grand plan by any stretch of the imagination. Just eCanada being a nuisance, like always

SaraDroz Día 1,899, 20:22

I think this is a valuable point: eUK has ALWAYS been the 'easy option' since Atlantis broke up. It keeps President's 'looking good', saying patriotic rubbish, and everyone ignores any real strategic thinking or rot within the system (not that I know of any at present).

Rylde Día 1,900, 02:26

Somebody knows nothing about the current relations of many world alliances.

Rylde Día 1,900, 02:27

But yeah sure there training wars and I have a long history of attacking UK for nothing. I always preffered poland-Spain-USA if u check my history.

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