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eWorld Warfare Report

Día 1,826, 17:14 Publicado en USA Estados Unidos por Bucephalus92

Greetings Bros,

Today's article will cover

1. The ongoing conflict in the Balkans between Greece and F.Y.R.O.M/Bulgaria.
2. The current situation regarding Argentina VS Chile.
3. Finland cheats at resistance wars.

The Balkans have been on fire the past couple days, with Fyrom/Bulgaria's failed invasion of Greece and the ensuing Greek counter attack. Last report I told you about Greece's success in the Bulgarian region of Plovdiv.

Since that time
1. Bulgaria has launched a resistance war in Plovdiv. They are currently winning 35-33.

2. Greece has launched an attack against the Bulgarian region of Burgas. The Greeks seem likely to win this battle with a lead of 68-50 and 3 divisions in their favor. This win would deprive Bulgaria of their aluminum bonus.

3. After regaining the region of Tiranathe Albanians launched an attack against another of their original regions held by Fyrom, Albanian Coast. The Albanians are about to lose this battle as Fyrom is currently holding onto a 77-11 lead. Nonetheless Albania's ability to be a constant thorn in the side of the Fyromians is a major boon to the Greeks.

4. The Italians have launched a resistance war in the region of Sicily. Considering Greece has held the region as part of a longstanding agreed upon plan with the Italians to keep them from being wiped I would assume that this is an unsanctioned resistance war, launched either by enemies of Greece/Italy or people that care more about getting medals than anything else. Greece is currently winning 44-22.

5. The Italians have also launched a resistance warin the region of Abruzzo against their Fyromian oppressors. They are set to lose this battle with Fyrom holding onto a 39-5 lead.

6. Another Italian resistance war launched against Serbia, this battle is already over with the Serbians holding a commanding lead the entire time.

South America is the other hotspot around the globe as of late, last report I filled you in on Chile and Argentina trading shots, the back and forth has continued and intensified since then.

1. Argentinian ally Bolivia launches an attack against Chile in the original Chilean region of Norte Grande in an attempt to siphon off some of their damage from more important battles. The Chileans currently hold onto a 21-1 lead.

2. Chile launches an attack against the Argentine region of Argentine Northwest. The Argentinians are currently holding onto a 17-5 lead.

3. The Argentinians launch an attack against the Paraguayan region of Central East Chaco. Paraguay only recently returned to the map and look set to be banished from it again shortly. They certainly aren't making it easy on the Argentinians though. The battle is currently 13-5 in favor of Argentina, but with Paraguay holding onto all three of the lower divisions.

4. Chile launches a resistance war in their original region of Zona Austral, currently held by the Argentinians. The Chileans are set to lose this battle with Argentina holding onto a 74-3 lead.

In other news tonight Sweden has retaken all its regions from Poland while Finland launched a totally red resistance war against Estonia in the original Finnish region of Eastern Finaland. This new all red strategy doesn't seem to be working for the Finns as the Estonians are currently holding onto a 29-15 lead. The Finnish also have a battle raging in their original region of Aland, currently held by the Polish. The Poles are set to win this battle, currently holding onto a 73-21 point lead.

That all for now Folks, Happy Thanksgiving

A prize to whoever can name the artist first, but be warned the prize will probably just be a high five.



Bucephalus92 Día 1,826, 17:17

The force will be with you,

Slayersnake Día 1,826, 17:17


Harald von Uleaborgir
Harald von Uleaborgir Día 1,826, 18:22

Free Finland!

highflyer35 Día 1,826, 18:34

Norman Rockwell

Bucephalus92 Día 1,826, 18:38


Digitalixer Día 1,826, 21:21

good news bro , as ussually


Fitisin Día 1,827, 07:42

I knew that was a Norman Rockwell painting, before I noticed that on the lower left its signed "Norman Rockwell"

Next quiz: What color is The White House?

The Hierophant V
The Hierophant V Día 1,827, 08:24

Happy Thanksgiving, man! \o/

Bucephalus92 Día 1,827, 10:35

lol ya Fitisin thats why I was only awarding a high five, here you can have one too.

And thanks Vasilis o/

Jimmy Cincinnati
Jimmy Cincinnati Día 1,827, 10:58

Thanks for this article. I've been sending it to my MU for about a week.
Keep them coming please.

Bucephalus92 Día 1,827, 19:00

Thanks GoTM, unfortunately these articles take more time than I am likely to have in the upcoming weeks. Still I will try to get one article out a week but I can't promise more than that.

fingerguns Día 1,827, 20:07

Happy Thanksgiving Buce! Another great article. Thanks for writing these.

Slyk Willy
Slyk Willy Día 1,827, 21:14

I have been gathering members for a meta alliance to sell damage to the highest bidder to offset loses caused by the lack of bonuses our past and present leaders have lost for us.

If anyone is interested in joining this alliance please PM me. I don't care what your political beliefs are or what country you serve. This will be used as a tool to solicit cooperation from the US government buy turning critical allied battles in the favor of the enemy until the us government brings back bonuses

Bucephalus92 Día 1,827, 21:34

not cool dude, you don't agree with government policy so you blackmail the government?

funky_ribar Día 1,828, 01:23


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