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[BA] My aims

Día 1,871, 13:27 Publicado en United Kingdom Reino Unido por BigAnt

[BA] My aims

Previous Article

Instead of spamming all media this month I will join both my Home Affairs and Foreign affairs manifesto's. Firstly however I want to send my condolences to Mittekemuis who has sadly pulled out of this months CP race, under circumstances that I don't agree with but that's another matter. I know she has applied for other big jobs and fully support her and hope she will run again in the future.

I also want to thank:

One Vision
Worker's Right's Party
Zule Empire
Dharma Initiative

For your continued support in helping me reform the UK and makes some actual changes. Thank you.

Home Affairs

So firstly, I touched in my announcement article that MoHA would get the boost it needed this month and it will. Last month we struggled for activity and its been Joshua Whelan who has come in late and carried the department. Next month I will installed 2 MoHAs that I don't think will burn out and have the talent to put a real mark on the ministry. So what will they be up to? The Radio idea has been stalled mainly because we got so far and then the dam things keeps freezing, AC continues to work his magic for us there. However on things we can control, media presence - We will boost the number of articles pumped out this month and competitions.

As for our Forums and IRC, I got the changes I promised, but now the work starts to boost the activity on these outlets. We need to get the new player joining and all parties taking part. The IRC will be heavily promoted to increase activity, this will be assisted by the MoD with continued strikes and the new MU Premier League (more later).
We will update the wiki, Guides as per usual.

NHS - I closed the NHS MU last month as planned, because new players where simply not getting the eRep experience and weapon supplies. However NHS continues as a background function. This will of course always remain under my tenure.

MoF - The department will continue to work closely with MoHA this month and get some more finance guides out. We are stuck in a position when the best thing to do is HOLD our monies but for those who need to invest we will try and supply you with the best support this month.

I will introduce a Helpdesk for people needing Financial help. This will be inform of a Gdoc Form in which the MoF will answers questions the public has.

Again MM Fishing will continue to try and boost our revenue, if only GOLD would rise! On a final note we have a few spare Gov orgs that we may look to rent out next month to raise some extra money for the Government.

CS System - Continue the Gdoc application so congress can all view applications in one location, this will be assisted by the use of the forums this month.

Foreign Affairs

Like I touched on in my previous article, I would like to install a more experienced ministry this month. Despite lies our relationship with both TWO and CoT is great and they know the UK will fight hard for any of our allies. However communication can be improved and that's what I will be working on this month. Along with this I want to again pull in new players to get them the experience of working with our friends abroad.

MoFA will increase articles in game alerting our population of current goings on, we have lacked them this month.

As for Ireland, well I want peace with them however their current CP does not, which is a shame. However I have spoken to their new CP to be BrianBoru and he is a completely different character, I look forward to a healthy friendship with clear communication next month and we will support Ireland when ever they need it. On that a final note that we should be making new friendships this month, so watch this space.

Ministry of Defence

Firstly I want to introduce the "MU Premier League" this month, which will consist of competitions for all eUK MU's to part take. Rules and challenges will mean every MU has a chance, so size doesn't matter. Accolades and prizes will also be awarded and I hope this will boost further our already very active fighters.

As for a Special Forces Unit controlled by the Government, this idea still ponders my mind. I am a keen supporter of a National MU (BEF) so depending on reaction time will tell whether we can make this happen. The reason I touch on this is because our current "Official" MU may not be for much longer as Congress are currently voting on removing it. Lastly the new MoD Graphics will be finished soon.

Want to become a minister?

** 32 Applications received so far keep them coming!

1: Apply for positions via this form!

2: I will go through them all and contact you on whether you were accepting as Minister or not. If not, don't worry those chosen will need help, and that's another chance for you to help out.

So Positions available:

2 x Minister of Defence
2 x Minister of Home Affairs
2 x Minister of Foreign Affairs
1 x Minister of Finance (2x Deputies)
2 x Minister of Health (2x Deputies)
1 x Minister of Legislative Affairs

Kind Regards,
Big Ant
UKPP Member and Potential CP candidate.



BigAnt Día 1,871, 13:28

Cabinet out tomorrow! So apply today!!!

WayneKerr Día 1,871, 13:33

Have a read: might come in handy.

BigAnt Día 1,871, 13:35

Wayne xD

lancer450 Día 1,871, 13:37


"Have a read: might come in handy."

LMAO!!! xD

Spite313 Día 1,871, 13:38

This term has been a total disaster. Just read Wayne here (the Vice President and a leading UKPPer) about what he thinks of his "boss"

WayneKerr » Tue Jan 01, 2013 9:57:15 pm

When have I claimed BA's term as a success? When have I stated I support him for another term? His cabinet saved his ass and the eUK ending up in a truly disastrous place, along with Talon on xmas day, when he went on his drunken rampage and Belgium failed to understand game mechanics and got all butt hurt. Ireland was a complete fuck up, every one knows that. Our neighbours are more pissed off with BA then the eUK and thus have pulled support for his remaing tenure, I hardly see it as a national crisis. Simply confirming my believe that BA has had his time in the sun...

Frerk Día 1,871, 13:42

"Like I touched on in my previous article, I would like to install a more experienced ministry this month."
I for one would like to welcome Iain Keers to the BA administration!

WayneKerr Día 1,871, 13:44

BA and others already know this Iain, as it was posted on the forums for all to see.

To not claim something a success does not mean it was a total failure.

As I replied to you on the forums Iain:

by WayneKerr » Tue Jan 01, 2013 10:48:25 pm

I've said this consistently... While it's been far from a success and I will always be the first to point out mistakes, it hasn't been all doom and gloom like you have tried to make out in a bid to score cheap political points...

BigAnt Día 1,871, 13:46


Spite313 Día 1,871, 13:46

It's been one of the worst months in history, and everyone right up to and including his government knows it. Which is why some resigned, some were fired and some like yourself believe he shouldn't be CP again.

Since nobody wants him as CP, why is he running?

LongShotzZ Día 1,871, 13:51

Good luck in the election!

BigAnt Día 1,871, 13:51

Keers you mad?

you don't like Tax change
you don't like IRC/Forum reforms
you don't like war
you don't like change

you DO like talking utter rubbish! I have seen UK wiped and you claim a TUP successful month! Joke

BigAnt Día 1,871, 13:51

And Keers, Why Won't you run against me?

I reckon the UK would show you what they really think about you.

Emergy Maxfell
Emergy Maxfell Día 1,871, 13:56

Really quite disappointed that we're already voting to undo the 'national mu' idea.

I thought the whole point of creating a non-political, non-party military unit in the first place was to provide a place where new players weren't subjected to the hellish nightmare that is politics in this country. Rather than letting it infest itself into every single aspect of the game.

We need more non-political military units (the kind who don't give a shit what party you belong to) rather than less of them.

BigAnt Día 1,871, 13:58

@ Emergy Congress is voting has nothing to do with me.

mick cain
mick cain Día 1,871, 14:02

This time last year our country was wiped for at least 2 months.After that we attacked france and were almost wiped again and had to be bailed out by the polish.How then can BA's term be the worst term in history keers?

Prince Harry.
Prince Harry. Día 1,871, 14:05

I have really enjoyed this month we have see some great battles and BigAnt has done alright , it is only the few haters here having ago , let the people decide if they have enjoyed this month , as its the voters choice not the few who want to shout the loudest , BigAnt has made some good changes to the forum removed some mods and has taken control of the EUK channel , maybe the party who is losing there power is trying to always undermine BigAnt saying how bad he done, but we have enjoyed this month , some good wars ,battles and victory's to make the UK proud- Well done BigAnt the voters have faith in you !

Alfagrem Día 1,871, 14:41

We've battled four other nations and only once lost a region (by prior agreement).
We have a full congress.
We have a more involved congress.
We have a more involved congress to party relationship.
We got a tax cut.
We got changes that could yet restore the forums to use.
We got to have some fun.

Alfagrem Día 1,871, 14:42

>"We have a more involved congress to party relationship."

May not be true for all parties but the option for it to happen remains under current admin view.

Emergy Maxfell
Emergy Maxfell Día 1,871, 14:47

I think it's still up to you BigAnt.

From the Poll Results released by Goku -
"Congress doesn't want the Government to have official MUs but it is up to the CP and MoD to agree to this proposal endorsed by many Citizens and Congress."

Send love to Plato
Send love to Plato Día 1,871, 14:55

We've battled four other nations and only once lost a region (by prior agreement).
We have a full congress.
We have a more involved congress.
We have a more involved congress to party relationship.
We got a tax cut.
We got changes that could yet restore the forums to use.
We got to have some fun.


I can see your concerns iain, Big Ant has been the first to admit he made mistakes...but this month has had its bloody good points as well : )

Spite313 Día 1,871, 14:58

Maybe you should argue with Wayne then Mick, he admitted it was a terrible term and BA shouldn't get another.

Personally I agree. We went on a stupid, ill-thought out rampage that failed at huge cost to the UK in terms of money and personal reserves of fighters, for no gain whatsoever. In the process we completely pissed of Ireland, Canada, Portugal and Belgium, as well as CoT. We made ourselves look incompetent in front of our allies. At least if we ditch BA we show we learned something.

T1nk3r Día 1,871, 14:59

Ireland is committed to improving relations with the UK. Irish government was frustrated by the poor tactical decisions taken by the UK CP, causing us to give our full military attention on two occasions but by-passing the UK CP and closing the Training war was always going to take a higher priority than starting a war - every UK citizen should be confident that Ireland is committed to maintaining the peace.

The next Irish CP will likely close the training war to avoid anymore damage. As MoD, I would not want to reopen a training war with the UK until we are given assurances that a schedule will be followed.

Read the Irish DoD update here:

T1nk3r Día 1,871, 15:02

p.s. Thank you to every UK citizen who fought for Ireland in Dublin today. We noticed o7

BigAnt Día 1,871, 15:04

same can be said for Irelands attack tonight, swings anyway the current Irish CP wants.

Like I said looking forward to working with someone who doesn't change their mind every 2minutes.

Not to mention other things but I wont go into that

WayneKerr Día 1,871, 15:21

'Maybe you should argue with Wayne then Mick, he admitted it was a terrible term'

nope, poor and lacking of a BA in the major issue of the month (Azores).

'BA shouldn't get another.'

And you can thank TUP and fail that is beta for handing BA his 3rd CP medal. Big Ant must be laughing his knackers off...

BigAnt Día 1,871, 15:22

I am XDDDD snaky Beta gives Lol's

Death and Taxes
Death and Taxes Día 1,871, 15:22

Big Ant, one of the things with diplomacy is learning from your mistakes. The other one is learning to keep your big mouth shut. A lot of people worked very hard to save your ass in NI and burned a lot of candy bars to do so.

Show some respect to match the respect that exists on both sides.

mick cain
mick cain Día 1,871, 15:25

We will have to agree to disagree Iain
ok we pissed of canada and portugal,big deal no sleep lost there.Regretable about the irish and belgium,but to BAs credit an apology was quick in the coming.Plus belgium actually got full congress so no harm done there.

Bernard Hoffington
Bernard Hoffington Día 1,871, 15:27

Death and Taxes +1

Kevy Kev Kev Junior shabado
Kevy Kev Kev Junior shabado Día 1,871, 15:29

To be honest your only aims this month should be to:

1) Actually give a damn for the MoHA.
2) Work with your ministers more because the communication errors this month have been terrible.
3) Stop wrecking relations. The fact that you messed up the Ireland war again recently is just amazing.

Personally I feel after two terms that were very poor you shouldn't be given another chance right now.

Then again you are not TUP so the general consensus probably is that you have done nothing wrong and it is all our fault.

Orinocco Día 1,871, 15:48

Out with the old and in with the new, vote Beta.

Marinko Margarin
Marinko Margarin Día 1,871, 15:50

just lol'd

Spygon Día 1,871, 16:16

"We need more non-political military units (the kind who don't give a shit what party you belong to) rather than less of them" X2

Bardokva Día 1,871, 16:45


Alfagrem Día 1,871, 16:46

Legion can choose to remain a non-political MU if it so chooses but why MUST it be the 'National MU of choice'. What gives it this claim over say Liberty or Funky?

Emergy Maxfell
Emergy Maxfell Día 1,871, 17:33

More national military units are better than just one. It doesn't have to be only Legion, I believe RADC has the same national status already and Funky and Liberty seem well suited too.

As long as the unit is active, non-political in their feed, willing to follow MoD orders, and open to everyone that's all that really matters anyway.

Amokkel Día 1,871, 17:35

"NHS - I closed the NHS MU last month as planned, because new players where simply not getting the eRep experience and weapon supplies. However NHS continues as a background function. This will of course always remain under my tenure."

When I was in the NHS this summer, it helped me -a player for generally 3 times 5-10 minutes a day with about 40-50 fights daily- a lot. NHS donations maded it possible for new players to play more and better for eUK, regardless of political stuff. Thanks to several players whom did the NHS-job quite well.

Very sad that NHS goes this way.
The why about the weakened NHS-team isn't explained, also the how the NHS-team can be enforced neither.

Ayame Crocodile
Ayame Crocodile Día 1,871, 22:37

Amokkel, The NHS MU has been disbanded but NHS Donations do continue, Just you no longer need to be in the NHS MU and so can take advantage of the supplies of other MU's whilst also receiving NHS Supplies each day ; )

m55uds Día 1,872, 04:47


wigibob Día 1,872, 05:07

@Iain Keers, if the only thing you can do for TUP is flame Big Ant you really need to owrk on policies, flaming him won't do anything but divide the country, is that what The UNITY Party wants?

wigibob Día 1,872, 05:12

I also completely agree with what Big Ant said, If you think you would be better then Big Ant you would run for CP but if this is all just a load of TUP "propaganda" you wouldn't

I am trying to keep this in a party neutral perspective (which is difficult as I am Vice PP of New Era)
I know Big Ant hasn't done brilliant this term, he is only human though, he will learn from his mistakes I am sure

Spite313 Día 1,872, 05:26

I don't run for CP except when I have time to devote myself 100% which I don't.

Whatever your allegiance, this month has been shocking, and if you vote for an idiot twice you deserve everything you get.

Rory Winterbourne
Rory Winterbourne Día 1,872, 07:14

"We need more non-political military units (the kind who don't give a shit what party you belong to) rather than less of them" X3

Politics is the problem in this country, the less our new players are exposed to it the better.

Orinocco Día 1,872, 09:48

wigibob "I am trying to keep this in a party neutral perspective (which is difficult as I am Vice PP of New Era)"
"NEUTRAL". what a joke

Jamie2721 Día 1,872, 09:49

More non-political parties would be a plus

BUT, i don't think we should have national ones, or ones we pay for.

We just need more people like Rory

Jamie2721 Día 1,872, 10:07

*non political MU's i mean of course

wigibob Día 1,872, 11:41

@Orinicco I always try to keep thing neutral no matter how much my allies are biased, yes it hasn't been the best of terms for Big Ant but I am sure that he will bounce back next time, I wish all candidates luck but personally I am backing Big Ant (obviously) I am not a sheep, I do not mindlessly walk off a cliff just because everyone else does, I always think things through and if there was any doubt that Big Ant is not commited I would not be voting for him

Orinocco Día 1,872, 12:21

Not the best of terms, hes only had 2, not many to choose from. Did it ever occur to anyone the he might not have been drunk when he attacked Belgium, only got hes word for it. Thank god he doesnt't have his finger on the nuclear arsenal. Frightning thought.

BigAnt Día 1,872, 12:50

you have no clue of my real job then hahaha

Orinocco Día 1,872, 13:21

yeah i do, and im glad im not in the RAF or any other bloody military crap you get your hands on and by the way we have only your word on it that is your job. I could say im a bloody astronaut and you would only have my word on it.

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