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Srpski narodni front

Id-partypresident Unavailable 67565     SR Serbia     National rank: 16    

Vice President

786b8a989ffc0387364436fbe9ca753b Vojislav Radikal

Secretary General

06cf0b3910db69674dade86801dbe6a4 Ralerale


4f0bcd251afe30e06ea865babcb86e07 planeta ljudi


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SNF - Srpski narodni front -- Čet --

Members 46

Orientation Far-left, Libertarian

Become a successful politician


Icon_position_politics_partypresidentParty presidency

Party President

Next election in18 days 3 candidates  


One congress member

  2.5%  of Congress


Next elections in 28 days

Icon_position_politics_presidentCountry presidency

Next elections in 8 days

Our next candidate

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