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Militan Guerilla Party

Id-partypresident WhiteWalker Reyiz     CY Cyprus     National rank: 5    

Vice President

Ab4de7d5a62c64ca89d385f3abd9cecb Signer Cyhadyan

Secretary General

4e3d6ccf285c257556bb88ab6bcc7bdd Kutluk Bilge Kul Nukez


8168d5bab5706d97b20bd8b391197317 Gorgud


9a65a7f873827572cc078d67f46d8801 tortilvany


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Party of resistance, nightmare of TOers, enemy of racism, defender of united eCyprus.

Members 18

Orientation Far-left, Anarchist

Become a successful politician


Icon_position_politics_partypresidentParty presidency

Party President

Next election inone day 4 candidates  


5 congress members

  12.82%  of Congress


Next elections in 11 days

Icon_position_politics_presidentCountry presidency

Next elections in 20 days

No candidate proposed

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