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Australian National Party

Id-partypresident EmperorEvo     AU Australia     National rank: 5    

Vice President

Ba1c6f1cd58e65285c8644ab9068edf1 Aquilofolius

Secretary General

D4215ba1bb4a5f8c025310c712acfa09 CooperFetes


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The Australian National Party (ANP) is a Party that promotes Australia First! We are not second we want Australia for Australians we are friendly and love new memebers contact EmperorEvo for more details!

Members 14

Orientation Far-right, Totalitarian

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Icon_position_politics_partypresidentParty presidency

Party President

Next election in9 days 2 candidates  


2 congress members

  10%  of Congress


Next elections in 19 days

Icon_position_politics_presidentCountry presidency

Election day

No candidate proposed

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