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Previously known as Gougai (号外/Extra) in Japanese Publication.

[XTRA] בעוד חדשות (In other news)

8 Day 2,327, 14:29 Israel Political debates and analysis Political debates and analysis

נראה שפלייטו רוצה להקים ארבעה מדינות בחודש הזה.
It looks like Plato wants to establish 4 new countries this month.

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Look here:

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[XTRA] Community Proposal: Operation Ion Blitz (הצעה לקהילה: מבצע בליץ יון)

28 Day 2,322, 11:59 Israel Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

Hey ya'll, it's ahava3233 reporting. In any event, I wanted to speak for a moment on our current military situation and give my solution, as I've derived from experience as a player,

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[EDITORIAL] Purim & Ethno-religious Tensions

10 Day 2,309, 09:50 Israel Social interactions and entertainment Social interactions and entertainment

To eIsraelis and other readers,

I wasn't planning on writing another article for a while as again, I am basically two-clicking, but the overwhelming Iranian response I've seen in our newspapers, [url=

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[EXTRA] Hey Izzy/שלום ישראל!

31 Day 2,305, 14:53 Israel Social interactions and entertainment Social interactions and entertainment

שלום ישראל!

סתם עליתי לארץ במשחק לפני שתי שעות, אז אני רוצה לספר לכם קצת עליי.

קודם כל, בחיים אמיתי אני יהודית אמריקנית בת 22. אני מדברת אנגלית (כמו שפה הראשון שלי) … read more »

[PSA/公共広告] Jingle Bells: Black Friday Deals Are Comin B**ches

9 Day 2,200, 10:14 Japan Financial business Financial business

If you have Raw Materials buildings to buy (or possibly other buildings), be prepared to splurge tomorrow folks. This looks awesome, 30% on Raw Materials plus supposedly more than

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