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Whatever my mind feels like writing about today, but it is usually about money or unity.

Economic Unit (disgiuised as a Military Unit)

9 Day 2,417, 15:53 Ireland Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

Do you want the freedom to fight where an when you want....?

Are you tired of someone giving you orders...?

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Am i the only one?

11 Day 2,038, 11:10 Ireland Financial business Financial business

Today i write to all eCitizens....

I wrote a ticket asking for removal of the 10 gold Cap.

When asked what is it for? This was the response...


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6 Day 2,016, 15:52 Ireland Political debates and analysis Political debates and analysis

I am writing today to encourage my countrymen. We have dedicated citizens who will fight to the last drop, but ATM we don't have a country.

Many people will consider this a catastrophe, and that it

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Ireland New Citizen Guide....

11 Day 1,541, 16:36 Ireland First steps in eRepublik First steps in eRepublik

Welcome to eRepublik an Welcome to eIreland. There are many good articles out there for new citizens. I was too lazy to go find one an plagiarise it. So i decided to write my own. Anyone who knows of other good guides feel free to post links in

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On the Topic of Funding and Taxes

32 Day 1,521, 15:37 Ireland Financial business Financial business

This article is written by Seanan published by me...

There is often a lack of substance in the media. eUK hasn't

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