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Whatever my mind feels like writing about today, but it is usually about money or unity.

Am i the only one?

11 Day 2,038, 11:10 Ireland Financial business Financial business

Today i write to all eCitizens....

I wrote a ticket asking for removal of the 10 gold Cap.

When asked what is it for? This was the response...


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6 Day 2,016, 15:52 Ireland Political debates and analysis Political debates and analysis

I am writing today to encourage my countrymen. We have dedicated citizens who will fight to the last drop, but ATM we don't have a country.

Many people will consider this a catastrophe, and that it

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Ireland New Citizen Guide....

11 Day 1,541, 16:36 Ireland First steps in eRepublik First steps in eRepublik

Welcome to eRepublik an Welcome to eIreland. There are many good articles out there for new citizens. I was too lazy to go find one an plagiarise it. So i decided to write my own. Anyone who knows of other good guides feel free to post links in

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On the Topic of Funding and Taxes

32 Day 1,521, 15:37 Ireland Financial business Financial business

This article is written by Seanan published by me...

There is often a lack of substance in the media. eUK hasn't

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2 things in common....

5 Day 1,519, 06:39 Ireland Financial business Financial business

I write today in hopes of starting a unified Ireland. We all have 2 things in common we are all Irish citizens, and we all use an need money. Regardless if one political group dont like another or military etc. Agree to disagree an lets come

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