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Neutral a newspaper dedicated to inform all what you can pick up the sound of this world
Un periodico neutral que se dedica a informar todo a lo que puede captar el sonido de este mundo

Antes del eclipse///Before the eclipse

13 Day 2,041, 20:22 Bolivia Political debates and analysis Political debates and analysis


A pocos momentos para el congreso asi mismo se da la lucha por ello ePeru con tan solo una region estando apartada de nuestra vista y eParaguay total mente avasallada e invadida por eArgentina solo nos queda aguardar el momento de la

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Objective ... The recapture / Objetivo... La reconquista

12 Day 2,008, 09:26 Bolivia Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

Having a good time recovered the territory that Chile look off and see us recovering other territories of our country by … read more »

pensamiento libre al congreso

4 Day 2,005, 10:10 Bolivia Social interactions and entertainment Social interactions and entertainment

Good day my postulation for Congress to be a neutral figure I hope to be someone who can help our entire eBolivia possible that … read more »

The war against Chile / La guerra contra chile

4 Day 1,997, 16:35 Bolivia Warfare analysis Warfare analysis


Today being a day at the moments that faces eBolivia wait upon several things like the rumors so in more things for all this great community is a great time to think what to do if you make a great effort to recover gold investing … read more »


10 Day 1,949, 15:41 Bolivia Political debates and analysis Political debates and analysis


being unacceptable desecration of our territory is something we should not forgive nesesarias even with so many battles to regain our beloved country is something that is coming and peru surely want to have a good

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