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Running for fun, seriously

61 Day 1,899, 03:36 Netherlands Political debates and analysis Political debates and analysis


Over enkele dagen kiezen we onze nieuwe Landspresident. Voor sommigen een groot ding, omdat hun kandidaat, en daarmee hun partij, wint van hun tegenstanders. Overwinning! Waarna we waarschijnlijk doorgaan zoals in de

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Eerlijk over EDEN / honest about EDEN

90 Day 1,890, 13:31 Netherlands Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

In the past months the sense of brotherhood in EDEN has been questioned by several players in the eNetherlands. The main reason why we are having a referendum in the upcoming days. Although there was reason for complaint, in his former position read more »

You are all dogs!

27 Day 1,840, 14:38 Netherlands Social interactions and entertainment Social interactions and entertainment

So, you wake up one morning in an occupied state. State, I mean right, capital S? No, state, I mean. The paralyzed state that throws you back on your primitive responses. You are freaking out, watching the great pink stain on the world map,
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Political reveille in the eNL

14 Day 1,787, 15:48 Netherlands Political debates and analysis Political debates and analysis

What a delight to see the recent political reveille in the eNetherlands. And I for one hope, these new political impulses will really bring some new activity to our community. Personally, I am a little … read more »

Fundraiser... thank you all!

9 Day 1,762, 12:35 Netherlands Financial business Financial business

About a week ago, I published this article about the financial challenges our country is facing. I started a fundraiser among the people of the eNetherlands hoping

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