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WHPR [Day 999] Join SEES or Republican Parties to Fight PTO

21 Day 999, 12:40 USA

Update 21:27: The current numbers regarding the PTO operations.

USWP - Fionia is up 126-30 - +96
Feds - Qubert is up 113-31 - +82
ADTP - Indrae is up 55-16 - +39
UIP - Justin McCravok is up 73-6 - +58
SEES - Max Wallingbottom III is up 96-68 -

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WHPR [Day 997] UPDATE: Move to Canada, Fight in Vestlandet!

11 Day 997, 15:43 USA


After the United States departed from EDEN during the Josh Frost administration, we soon ventured off … read more »

WHPR [Day 994] Move to Tennessee, Fight in Podolia

14 Day 994, 19:02 USA

Greetings America. We apologize for not bringing you news yesterday but the hacking is still going on and every log in puts this org at risk of someone accidentally clicking something. Regardless, you need news and so, that is what we'

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WHPR [Day 992] A New Administration and a New Set of Problems

11 Day 992, 14:12 USA

Note from Woxan: He has asked me to link to this article so that people don't panic while reading the slanderous one put out by the hacker.

Greetings [

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St Krems is the National Candidate; Now Go Help Croatia!

42 Day 987, 01:42 USA

Well the first national primary in eUS history is over, and the winner is St Krems! I wish I could say that it went off without a hitch however any voters who attempted to vote later in

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