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WHPR [Day 1,003] - ~VICTORY~

23 Day 1,003, 19:34 USA

I Can See Russia from my Russian House

It’s pretty easy to see Russia when you are in fact in Russia. Owning it. We did good America. I apologize for bloodstains that may/may not be covering this release. Your very own Secretary of Media … read more »

WHPR [Day 1,002] - FER and Press Conference *UPDATED TIME*

13 Day 1,002, 19:43 USA

Far Eastern Russia

Oh my. A relevant battle. I tried like eight different titles for that and just ended up being boring. Sue me. This is a critical battle. Winning this would be a big deal and at the time of writing, we are storming the … read more »

WHPR [Day 1,001] - Media, Interior, and ATO Updates

11 Day 1,001, 07:22 USA

The Department of Media:

The wonderful Joshua Patterson has been called upon for a special mission. It is integral to the security of Ohio and will likely end in his untimely death. Or real life, something like that. That leaves me. I’ll … read more »

WHPR [Day 999] Join SEES or Republican Parties to Fight PTO

21 Day 999, 12:40 USA

Update 21:27: The current numbers regarding the PTO operations.

USWP - Fionia is up 126-30 - +96
Feds - Qubert is up 113-31 - +82
ADTP - Indrae is up 55-16 - +39
UIP - Justin McCravok is up 73-6 - +58
SEES - Max Wallingbottom III is up 96-68 -

read more »

WHPR [Day 997] UPDATE: Move to Canada, Fight in Vestlandet!

11 Day 997, 15:43 USA


After the United States departed from EDEN during the Josh Frost administration, we soon ventured off … read more »