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Today Rhaeto-Romanic area, tomorrow the world!

15 Day 549, 12:44 Published in Switzerland Switzerland

Switzerland is growing. We are about to conquer the world.

Rhaeto-Romanic-speaking area has been occupied by Switzerland.
Switzerland obtained 0.55 GOLD from Italy

Currently we have only 2 regions, but that will soon change.

Long live

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Cloning bugs, cloning everything.

8 Day 543, 05:12 Published in Serbia Serbia

I wrote forum topic about cloning things and proposed a way to fix it. I would like to ask you to read the topic and sign it (if you agree, of course).

So, go

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We want Guinness

7 Day 536, 10:54 Published in Switzerland Switzerland

And until we get it, we will fight against eIrish invasion to Rhode Island.

You can get the shipping address by PM ;)

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Што смо се борили против еИталије / Why did we fight against eItalia

26 Day 516, 05:46 Published in Switzerland Switzerland

(English version is below)

После битке на Сардинији, на медијском простору еРепублика појавило се пуно чланака, коментара, ... који оптужују Теократску Швајцарску за издају ПИСа. Да би се у потпуности схватило зашто то није и не може да буде тачно

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New name for my newspaper

7 Day 512, 17:38 Published in Switzerland Switzerland


Since I am not publishing news that is only in Serbian, I decided to change the name of my newspaper. It was called "Zvezdarski glasnik" which means "The Messenger from Zvezdara" where Zvezdara iz a municipality in Belgrade, Serbia where I am

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