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War Games

20 Day 553, 08:23 Published in Italy Italy


The new round of war games will start at 12:10 erep time (21:10 Central European Summer Time), so prepare and go to fight in this war.

Short tutorial for new players:

1* First

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Распуст и одмор

14 Day 551, 08:39 Published in Serbia Serbia

Посетите трку формуле 1 у Монте карлу, посетите Торино, видите лепоте Италије и учествујте у политичком животу исте.

Све што треба да урадите је да ми се јавите како бисте добили беспатну авијонску карту. Када дођете у Италију (у Пијемонт), онда с

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Buon giorno Italia, buon giorno Torino!

20 Day 551, 06:55 Published in Italy Italy


Io sono Hostilian, Romano Cesare da Sirmium, Moesia minor.

Sono venuto a Torino perché mi piacerebbe aiutarvi a raggiungere un grande obbiettivo attraverso il mangiare spaghetti e con la guida degli Dei.

Così, vota Hostilian in

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Today Rhaeto-Romanic area, tomorrow the world!

15 Day 549, 12:44 Published in Switzerland Switzerland

Switzerland is growing. We are about to conquer the world.

Rhaeto-Romanic-speaking area has been occupied by Switzerland.
Switzerland obtained 0.55 GOLD from Italy

Currently we have only 2 regions, but that will soon change.

Long live

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Cloning bugs, cloning everything.

8 Day 543, 05:12 Published in Serbia Serbia

I wrote forum topic about cloning things and proposed a way to fix it. I would like to ask you to read the topic and sign it (if you agree, of course).

So, go

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