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A paper for hooligans and voyeurs. And chocolate lovers. And lovers who don't like chocolate.

Sexy EXPLOSION in the NoS! Showering cheerleaders all over!

11 Day 900, 13:15 Published in USA USA

Yesterday, I wrote a very sexy article on the benefits of joining the NoS party, found here:

That set off an EXPLOSION of new recruits joining up. Now, I truly thought it was all about MY sexiness,

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A bunch of sexy for you right here! Cheerleaders, showers, sexy.

12 Day 899, 12:55 Published in USA USA

See that guy in the picture? That's me in my office doing my daily reading. Pretty damn sexy, don't you think?

Now that I've got your attention with sexy...

I'm recruiting 34 people to add to the 41-strong core group who have founded the NoS

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Looking for 50 homeless men, women and children.

3 Day 898, 18:44 Published in USA USA

I'm recruiting 50 people to add to the 25-strong core group who have founded the NoS Party.

These guys aren't looking for Tanks or military giants. They aren't looking for MM2's or Astra's. Of course, all would be welcome. But these guys are

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Pizza Radio commentary-rough draft

6 Day 883, 01:05 Published in USA USA

Pizza Radio: A subjective review

This weeks show lasted about an hour an a half, 30 minutes less than last week, and no Krems tonight. Pizza was distracted frequently, often reading streaming web commentary as the read more »

We're playing to win, eRepublik. S.E.E.S. has just given you notice.

6 Day 878, 19:51 Published in USA USA

Way late into this conversation. And for the record, S.E.E.S.

Instead of taking the AAP last night, we could have recruited to the top in a month or so. And all but 200 would then be dead in another month or so. And we'd be exactly where we are.

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