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eTürkiye İstatistik Kurumu
eTurkey Institute of Statistics
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[harbi vatandas] Veda - Farewell

165 Day 2,464, 14:22 Turkey Social interactions and entertainment Social interactions and entertainment

Hello all,

I'm Harbi Vatandas and my RL name is Fatih. I ve been playing this game since February 2013, and i really enjoyed making friends and talking to great people over here.

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Turnuva ilk gün istatistikleri

28 Day 2,408, 14:28 Turkey Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

Gece 12:15 itibariyle...

PP Listesinde İlk 100'e Giren eTR Alayları

Damage Listesinde İlk 100'e Giren eTR Alayları

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Country Rankings - April Update

38 Day 2,335, 03:23 Turkey Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

Country & Alliance rankings for April. Data is acquired from at day 2334 (11 April).


Member Countries Ranking

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[ EN / TR ] Country Rankings - March Update

62 Day 2,297, 11:18 Turkey Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

Hi all,
As i published earlier, i will be publishing updates on country strengths from time to time with data i acquire … read more »

[ EN / TR ] IRC add-on Script

36 Day 2,293, 06:41 Turkey First steps in eRepublik First steps in eRepublik


Today, I stand before you with a brand new script.
Isn't it really hard keeping switching screens from IRC to battle screen frequently? I mean, you dont even know what to follow. Will you follow what people say about battle or just … read more »