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eEconomy, world conflicts and perhaps the occational comic. That's what this paper is about.

And another one bites the dust...

23 Day 1,846, 12:44 Poland Social interactions and entertainment Social interactions and entertainment

Farewell, Lonestar.

We may not have seen eye to eye when it came to politics. Nevertheless it's always a shame to see a legendary Swedish beta-account being sold … read more »

[Economy] List of the highest salaries in the eWorld (ENG/SWE)

12 Day 1,568, 14:45 Sweden Financial business Financial business

Highest salaries in the world - say what?

221 SEK Portugal
210 SEK Canada
208 SEK South Korea
206 SEK Sweden
204 SEK France
200 SEK Chile*
200 SEK Spain
200 SEK Switzerland
192 SEK Slovenia
190 SEK Germany

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[Economy] Analyzing the new changes to MM (ENG/SWE)

18 Day 1,568, 10:46 Sweden Financial business Financial business

(Scroll down for Swedish version!)

PS! Don't miss Iain Keers latest article with about Swedens economy!

[img]http://img84.[/img] … read more »

[President] The End

50 Day 1,566, 03:57 Sweden Political debates and analysis Political debates and analysis

Picture a nation that is... war against Finland, who is already occupying half of its regions. war against Russia, who is occupying the other half.
...having Romania right next to the capital (and currently occupied) core
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[President] Sweden is NOT at war with Finland

16 Day 1,548, 03:48 Sweden Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

This is a brief explanation of the recent attacks from Finland against Swedish core regions.

We have a signed deal that allows Finland to hold our deer region Jamtland Harjedalen until March 15th. This has nothing to do with cowardice, we … read more »