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International Instability: How to Behave

24 Day 1,178, 15:06 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom

The past few months have been a time of great change in erepublik, but unlike the great upheavals the admins have forced upon the game, this change comes from the community itself. The two great alliances began to fracture and break apart towards

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Lies, broken promises, old man kisses

10 Day 1,010, 07:30 Published in Canada Canada

Why was a ceasefire called?

France let the UK cabinet know that it was fighting an allegedly Polish-backed PTO. As most of you will realise, one single planted congressman is all it takes for a PTO to get rolling, so a threatened … read more »

The Curse of Valhalla

3 Day 1,000, 09:42 Published in Canada Canada

GLaDOS knew it. We knew it. Now Canada knows it. Take warning, anyone who tries to meddle in Norwegian regions!


Once upon

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The Ajay Survivors Support Network

22 Day 936, 06:59 Published in Ireland Ireland

Dear friends,

I often read the eIrish media just to keep track of how things are going across the Sea, and to read some of the more quality reporting of your journalists. I must say, I have noticed a marked difference in your media of late; one

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Thatcher for the West Midlands

2 Day 885, 19:05 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom

After an unsuccessful campaign to be elected to represent the South West of England, I have decided to run for Congress in the West Midlands. My manifesto will be brief, but should give you some idea of what you’ll get from me in Congress.


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