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To Loot a Country

47 Day 1,512, 15:07 Brazil Political debates and analysis Political debates and analysis

Government finances are one of those interesting aspects of the game which have evolved over time to an accepted, hybrid system of ingame mechanics and player-created initiatives. Typically, “national orgs” function as a country’s treasury, to which

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[UK player] ~ To Spain

32 Day 1,291, 13:13 United Kingdom Political debates and analysis Political debates and analysis

Since leaving Terra, the eUK has sought to strengthen its relations with a plethora of nations from across Europe and the world. One such country is of course Spain who, over the past month and to some extent beyond, have shown immense and

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[UKRP] Thatcher for South East of England

16 Day 1,191, 06:47 United Kingdom


I am running with the UKRP for a congress seat in South East of England. I think I have been one of the most active and involved congressmen this term, and am asking for a chance to continue with this.

Our main concern this term will be

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International Instability: How to Behave

24 Day 1,178, 15:06 United Kingdom

The past few months have been a time of great change in erepublik, but unlike the great upheavals the admins have forced upon the game, this change comes from the community itself. The two great alliances began to fracture and break apart towards

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Lies, broken promises, old man kisses

10 Day 1,010, 07:30 Canada

Why was a ceasefire called?

France let the UK cabinet know that it was fighting an allegedly Polish-backed PTO. As most of you will realise, one single planted congressman is all it takes for a PTO to get rolling, so a threatened … read more »