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Lets fight hard Against eSwitzerland in Tyrol

31 Day 2,423, 08:30 Austria Battle orders Battle orders

Dear Citizens and Friends of eAustria,

Lets fight hard against eSwitzerland and show them who is stronger. We can win this war if we work together!



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[DE/EN] !! Ja zum Spendengesetz | Yes on the Donation-Law !!

13 Day 2,340, 07:49 Austria Financial business Financial business

Liebe Kongressmitglieder,

Stimmt beim Spendengesetz ( bitte mit JA ab damit auch weiterhin Panzer und andere Dinge für unsere Bevölkerung gekauft werden können. Im Nationalen

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Maths? Whats that? An Article about a Maths-Genius in eRep

8 Day 2,089, 04:43 Austria Social interactions and entertainment Social interactions and entertainment

Dear Citizen,

We have a real Maths-Genius among us, look at that:

So according to that, 5 Gold would be about 1085 ATS right?

Now take a look:

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[DE & EN] Lettischer Luftangriff | Latvian Airstrike

30 Day 1,986, 04:54 Austria Political debates and analysis Political debates and analysis

Liebe Mitbürger,

Wie ihr vielleicht wisst hat der (noch) Präsident von Lettland arca7 einen [url=

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[ÖIP] ÖIP Platform

8 Day 1,898, 13:33 Austria Political debates and analysis Political debates and analysis

The Österreichs Independence Party is built around three key principles: Liberty, Respect, and Independence. These principles have applications in all aspects of life here in eAustria.

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