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Day 10 - Freedom for North Dakota!!!!

14 Day 1,316, 17:20 USA Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

Day 10 -

North America

Yesterday, a battle was opened in North Dakota. Spain jumped out to an early lead, but during the evening and night, the United States pushed the battle back, and ended up taking a lead into the early … read more »

Day 9 - California, Texas Return to the Union!

24 Day 1,315, 17:46 USA Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

Day 9 -

North America

There were Resistance Wars aplenty yesterday in North America. California, Texas, New Mexico, North Dakota, all were the sites of resistance.
In California, the Americans pulled out a surprise victory. The … read more »

Day 8 - Brazil in Danger, Resistance in USA

10 Day 1,314, 13:28 USA Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

Day 8 -

North America
Yesterday saw the loss of Nevada, as Spain captured one of the few remaining Western states. The only state left standing is Hawaii, and that region may be left that way, as Indonesia fears a Chinese … read more »

Day 7 - New Hampshire Falls; Spain Invades Brazil!

12 Day 1,313, 12:45 USA Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

Day 7 -

North America
The invasion of America has slowed down. The Indonesians have conquered Washington, the planned capital of an Annexed America. This leaves only Nevada left for the Indonesians to attack. After that, … read more »

Day 6 - Victory in Wisconsin; Texas falls.

18 Day 1,312, 13:37 USA Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

Day 6 -

North America
Victory at last for the Americans. After weeks of losing ground, Wisconsin rejoined the Union. A resistance war was started, and America showed that they can in fact defeat Spain. By starting a battle … read more »