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[MoF] Government Loans

14 Day 1,826, 01:44 India Financial business Financial business

As many of you would probably know we are restructuring the taxes in India in order to increase the revenue for the govt while trying to keep the income of the domestic sellers unaffected. For that we have proposed change in taxes .... VAT to 1% and

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[MoF] Chose Thy Future ....

7 Day 1,735, 00:26 India Financial business Financial business

I m back with yet another finance report and some questions that will change the whole face of Indian dispatch system and the finance situation.


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[Finance]Report & Updates

37 Day 1,725, 07:05 India Financial business Financial business

Hey guys I am back with Finance report and updates.....Nothing flashy just plain simple and to the point.


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[MoF]Gold Loans Are Here

20 Day 1,630, 10:09 India Financial business Financial business

On day 1630, Plato has introduced 44% discount on Training Center Upgrades and Company … read more »

[IWP]Congress Elections

10 Day 1,613, 11:00 India Political debates and analysis Political debates and analysis

I would like to open this article by thanking ppl who voted for me and made me Party President but tbh i wasn't expecting it...or i wud have atleast written an article ...... sigh...

Anyways time again for congress Elections and i Would Request

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