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10 Day 999, 22:59 Published in USA USA

Yes, the 1000 day of eRepublik is nearly about us. This is not a good thing though!

Are you and your riches safe? NO! D1K is a terrible virus that will strike your computer on day 1000, as your computer can not produce a 4 digit number on the day

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2 million eRepublik users!

8 Day 934, 13:40 Published in USA USA

Well, I have been doing a history project of eRepublik. Been using, google, wiki, youtube, ext. to make a powerpoint on eRepublik's history.

Doing so, I stumbled upon this today:

It is a

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4 Day 887, 17:09 Published in USA USA

This is Cloyd Wallis of Wallis Media and candidate for the Missouri Congressional Elections.


My opponent, Rhein, is working with me. He and I both agree we need all possible votes directed to North Carolina. Dennis

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Dishonorably Discharged! (PHOENIX RULZ!!!!)

34 Day 755, 13:16 Published in USA USA

Alright... so, A few days ago, I got an "ECHO", for those of you who aren't in the Army an ECHO is a PM that you must reply to, usually pertaining to order, anyway, this ECHO was from the High Command of the Army, NXNW, regarding my

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Voice Mail another suggestion for the admins.

3 Day 738, 12:03 Published in USA USA

Before you read any further... Just click VOTE. Please.

Now for the suggestion. Well, we can send inbox right? Text. That you have to type. Well what if the admins enabled a new type of messaging. VOICE MAIL!

For those that have a mic. or a

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