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Journey to the eternal realm,experience,story,thought,humours,poems,and many lullabies from "Soldier of Light" will be written here.Sub & Vote please.thx!

[MoFA staff]Part 1- Widening Our Horizons,Tightening Friendship

33 Day 1,578, 07:44 Published in New Zealand New Zealand Political debates and analysis Political debates and analysis

Kia Ora !!,
Pozdrav Svima,everyone !!
Here is my 2nd article since I was reincarnated in this body xD,so nice … read more »

Presence for My loved one < 3

25 Day 1,550, 00:45 Published in Serbia Serbia Social interactions and entertainment Social interactions and entertainment

Kia Ora o/
and Pozdrav Svima everyone !!
Sorry I published this article in eserbia because my current citizenship is Serbia,thank you for your attention,give votes,comments and or subscribe my newspaper if its pleased … read more »