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Spending Cuts

0 Day 889, 14:12 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom

The UK faces the deepest spending cuts since the late 1970s if the three main parties are to meet their budget commitments, new analysis suggests.
The years between 2011 and 2015 must see the largest cuts since 1976-80, according to a report from

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Bombings in Moscow

0 Day 862, 03:12 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom

On Monday 29th March 2010 two women suicide bombers killed at least 37 people in bombings on the metro system.
What group they were from is not clear. The first bombing was around 15 minutes to 8 and it killed about 25 people, the second … read more »

Military War

0 Day 845, 07:08 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom

After the uprising complaints about the last article i thought about doing an article about Military War and contacted one of the MCO's (Military Chief Officer's) and soon had an interview with him.

Yurigavin: What do MCO's do exactly?


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The truth about your Government

9 Day 844, 10:00 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom

Many of you think that the Government lets everything be shown to you. That is a complete lie. If a government official went to jail there would be no media about it to make the government look good. Also if a soldier died because the government

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