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The Patriots Voice deals with Politics in the eSouth African context.

Shell Shocked

16 Day 770, 13:53 Published in South Africa South Africa

eSouth Africa has gone through a lot lately. We have been attacked by the Channers and we have survived but unfortunately I think the whole ordeal has put eSA in to some form of shell shock. I have seen fewer articles than we are used to having and

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Morcom for Congress (Limpopo)

6 Day 763, 13:25 Published in South Africa South Africa

Hi guys,

I am once again running for congress. This time I am running in Limpopo as this will be the hardest region to win in and I look forward to the challenge.

A little about myself
Most of you will know me by now. I have been

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Back to you Sir

7 Day 756, 14:18 Published in South Africa South Africa

I was acting president for +/- 24 hours and it is now over. Ines is back in the game!!!
We as a government are working had to rebuild that which was destroyed. Be assured that the best people possible are working on this. I hope that we can now all

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CRISIS (Official Government Response from the acting President)

36 Day 756, 01:38 Published in South Africa South Africa

I ask all eSouth Africans not to visit the national forums as they are effectively closed until further notice.

As of a couple of hours ago Ines had her IP address hacked and has been temp banned by admin pending investigation. A Declaration of

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Evil at the gates

22 Day 750, 13:18 Published in South Africa South Africa

I wonder sometimes why people are so fast to commit outrageous evils in this game. Some say they chose to be the bad ones. I say that’s not an excuse. There is enough evil in this would without people role-playing it.

I once wrote an article

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