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Our Country is the World, our Countrymen are all mankind!

An Introduction

13 6 days ago Canada Social interactions and entertainment Social interactions and entertainment

Who Am I?
IRL US citizen
Born in Singapore, got bored moved to
eRomania, had a civil war going on moved to
eUSA, under constant PTO threat moved to
eBelgium, under constant PTO threat moved to
eIreland, got totally PTOed moved back to
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Globalism: Plans and Propagation

6 Day 2,428, 13:11 Belgium Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

This is the second article in my series about changing this game. We can't expect Plato to work for us. NO! We have to force it. Unification is the way to reform and it is what we MUST accomplish.

An important question to consider is how we … read more »

Globalism: A New Philosophy

16 Day 2,424, 12:35 Belgium First steps in eRepublik First steps in eRepublik

It is time for us to understand that the role of this game is not to fight against each other constantly, it is to fight Plato and to win this game. How to win this game? I'll tell you.

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[RB] Rebirth

4 Day 2,422, 12:01 Belgium Political debates and analysis Political debates and analysis

Hello, I am not running for reelection as PP of Res Belgica this upcoming election. Just wanted to get that straight. I HAVE FAILED YOU. I hope my successor will not.
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Results of the Economic Survey

4 Day 2,416, 12:39 Belgium Financial business Financial business

From the survey I calculated that the GDP per capita is 3042.50 CC per active person. Knowing from elections that there are about 80 people voting in CP and 120 voting for congress each month, an average of 100 active … read more »