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Damage Calc

5 Day 1,086, 13:52 United Kingdom

Want to know how powerful you are?

Well, it might be a bit basic but I’ve created a simple spreadsheet which will calculate your damage for each weapon … read more »

A Look at Political Parties in eUK

26 Day 1,057, 11:07 United Kingdom

First of all let me say that I do not claim to be impartial on this subject. I am a proud member of The Unity Party and strongly believe in our policies and ideologies. Having said that, I will give my genuine thoughts on the parties and provide

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Good, good, good, good migrations!

5 Day 982, 10:56 United Kingdom

After hundreds, if not thousands of tickets sent to the admins, it appears that there will now be an opportunity to alter military and economic … read more »

Make eUK Great - Get active!

19 Day 963, 13:12 United Kingdom

So, V2 has arrived (eRepublik Rising). It’s a big change from what we are used to in many ways. In other ways, not so different. There’s been much talk about the changes in game killing the 2 clickers. There will inevitably be some of this but

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The changing dynamics of eUK politics

25 Day 924, 14:03 United Kingdom

There have been some fairly significant changes in the political scene of late. Not least, the dramatic increase in terms of congress representation of left wing parties. TUP have

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