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The Benefit of Self Sufficiency

21 Day 1,213, 16:09 United Kingdom

Back on day 1150, the admins had a brainwave. They decided it would be a good idea to allow managers to work in all of their companies. It caused various problems with overproduction and inequality but that’s not the reason for today’s article.

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[DM] TUP Party President Manifesto

22 Day 1,149, 10:45 United Kingdom

Dear TUP members and anyone else who is interested,

This article is to announce my intention to run for Party President of TUP and to outline my plans for the month should I be elected.

I’ve been party president of TUP twice before, for two

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Why food is the best weapon!

8 Day 1,087, 10:10 United Kingdom

For an example of food used well in battle click here.

Now, joking aside, in eRepublik you are able … read more »

Damage Calc

5 Day 1,086, 13:52 United Kingdom

Want to know how powerful you are?

Well, it might be a bit basic but I’ve created a simple spreadsheet which will calculate your damage for each weapon … read more »

A Look at Political Parties in eUK

26 Day 1,057, 11:07 United Kingdom

First of all let me say that I do not claim to be impartial on this subject. I am a proud member of The Unity Party and strongly believe in our policies and ideologies. Having said that, I will give my genuine thoughts on the parties and provide

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