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Why food is the best weapon!

8 Day 1,087, 10:10 United Kingdom

For an example of food used well in battle click here.

Now, joking aside, in eRepublik you are able … read more »

Damage Calc

5 Day 1,086, 13:52 United Kingdom

Want to know how powerful you are?

Well, it might be a bit basic but I’ve created a simple spreadsheet which will calculate your damage for each weapon … read more »

A Look at Political Parties in eUK

26 Day 1,057, 11:07 United Kingdom

First of all let me say that I do not claim to be impartial on this subject. I am a proud member of The Unity Party and strongly believe in our policies and ideologies. Having said that, I will give my genuine thoughts on the parties and provide

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Good, good, good, good migrations!

5 Day 982, 10:56 United Kingdom

After hundreds, if not thousands of tickets sent to the admins, it appears that there will now be an opportunity to alter military and economic … read more »

Make eUK Great - Get active!

19 Day 963, 13:12 United Kingdom

So, V2 has arrived (eRepublik Rising). It’s a big change from what we are used to in many ways. In other ways, not so different. There’s been much talk about the changes in game killing the 2 clickers. There will inevitably be some of this but

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