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[DM] Back in the West Midlands

5 Day 1,219, 13:17 United Kingdom

Hello there.

Thanks in advance if you are one of the few people who will bother to read all of this, although I’ll try to keep it short this time. It’s another congress manifesto I’m afraid. After a break of a few months, I have decided to run

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Org votes are a thing of the past

9 Day 1,217, 09:34 United Kingdom

Just a brief article this time. It seems there has been another unannounced change.

Orgs can no longer vote and subscribe to newspaper articles.

I think this is a good change and should have

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The Benefit of Self Sufficiency

21 Day 1,213, 16:09 United Kingdom

Back on day 1150, the admins had a brainwave. They decided it would be a good idea to allow managers to work in all of their companies. It caused various problems with overproduction and inequality but that’s not the reason for today’s article.

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[DM] TUP Party President Manifesto

22 Day 1,149, 10:45 United Kingdom

Dear TUP members and anyone else who is interested,

This article is to announce my intention to run for Party President of TUP and to outline my plans for the month should I be elected.

I’ve been party president of TUP twice before, for two

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Why food is the best weapon!

8 Day 1,087, 10:10 United Kingdom

For an example of food used well in battle click here.

Now, joking aside, in eRepublik you are able … read more »