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[TUP] Interview with Party President Candidates - Jan. 2010

12 Day 784, 14:48 United Kingdom

It's that time of the month again where all party members get to vote for the indivual who will lead us through the next month. Your vote is one of the most valuable things you posess in … read more »

The babies are coming!

7 Day 777, 13:16 United Kingdom

They've already made it to Brussels and they're on their way to eUK.

Save your appetite - we need you to eat as many of them as possible.


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Free guns! Join the Navy!

14 Day 776, 11:20 United Kingdom

Free guns? Well, almost. If you join the Navy, you will be regularly issued with guns.

Why should I?
Because it helps the UK and

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Interview with East Mids. Congress Candidates - Nov. 09

9 Day 734, 11:37 United Kingdom

My fellow East Midlanders. It’s been a pleasure to serve you in congress this last month.

Unfortunately I’m not running this month as I shall not be around for the

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A quick update for East Midlanders

3 Day 711, 12:24 United Kingdom

First of all, thanks very much for electing me to congress! I’m honoured to be representing you all.

It’s been a busy week for me in eRep, having also taken on other responsibilities.

There has been nothing yet of major significance to vote … read more »