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Free guns! Join the Navy!

14 Day 776, 11:20 United Kingdom

Free guns? Well, almost. If you join the Navy, you will be regularly issued with guns.

Why should I?
Because it helps the UK and

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Interview with East Mids. Congress Candidates - Nov. 09

9 Day 734, 11:37 United Kingdom

My fellow East Midlanders. It’s been a pleasure to serve you in congress this last month.

Unfortunately I’m not running this month as I shall not be around for the

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A quick update for East Midlanders

3 Day 711, 12:24 United Kingdom

First of all, thanks very much for electing me to congress! I’m honoured to be representing you all.

It’s been a busy week for me in eRep, having also taken on other responsibilities.

There has been nothing yet of major significance to vote … read more »

Dan Moir for East Midlands Congress on 25th Oct.

14 Day 697, 05:05 United Kingdom

I would like to introduce myself as a candidate for East Midlands congressman.

I will be running under the TUP banner but please do not let that dissuade you from voting for me if your allegiance is to another party.

I believe strongly in

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Why is democracy so important?

5 Day 683, 08:27 United Kingdom

Democracy by definition is ‘Government by the people’. This means that every person can have their say and that their elected representatives have a duty to … read more »