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War of Liberation Commences

1 Day 1,941, 10:08 Israel Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

March 14th, 2013,

The war for liberation has begun, with the Jerusalem and Nazareth Districts being liberated.

A resistance battle was begun in Tel Aviv, however currently it seems Serbian forces have claimed the upper hand in the battle.

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Week of Valor

1 Day 1,868, 21:55 Israel Political debates and analysis Political debates and analysis

The past week has been a long, expensive and difficult one for Israel.
Israelis have seen their nation, once large, prosperous and relatively safe, be invaded, uprooted and occupied.

Beginning with Tel Aviv and Yerushalayim, moving through the

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Haifa Falls

0 Day 1,868, 12:59 Israel Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

At 10:55 PM, Haifa Time, the Israeli Government ceded the last free territory
to the Serbian Armed Forces after a day long struggle that began some hours ago.

Serbia is now in full control of the State of Israel. Occupational Authorities are

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Haifa Invaded

1 Day 1,868, 09:16 Israel Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

On December 31st, the Battle for Haifa began. Serb forces have made their way into the last free Israeli Territory. Currently, Serb Forces are in control of 66% of the Territory.

Serbian Victory is expected later on this evening. Serb Forces

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Resistance Battle Continues

2 Day 1,867, 13:49 Israel Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

In the past several days, there have been Resistance Struggles fought by Israelis in the occupied areas of Tel Aviv and Yerushalayim.

The Resistance War for Tel Aviv was not successful, however the one for Yerushalayim still continues as of late.

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