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Canada Across the Atlantic

17 Day 2,250, 07:22 Published in Canada Canada Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

Canada is now 4-0 in its UK campaign. A start few would have predicted.

The initial attack on Wales is reference point number one as it establishes

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Crisis of Confidence

12 Day 2,249, 05:20 Published in Canada Canada Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

“Far too many people continue to jabber about a supposed 'special relationship' between our two countries.

I used to think that no such thing existed. Recently, I have become convinced that it does, and that it is in fact a Specially Bad
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(Never)Ending Story: Homeward Bound

19 Day 2,198, 09:38 Published in Canada Canada Social interactions and entertainment Social interactions and entertainment

To say that there is more time behind me than what lays ahead of me in the New World is to state a simple fact. I could be wrong but the tone and nature of the … read more »

Final Chapter of this Divine Comedy

32 Day 2,024, 04:56 Published in India India Political debates and analysis Political debates and analysis

The 5th has finally arrived and as a great liberator it officially releases me from this hell we call the CP chair. And hell it was.

My critics can now crow to their heart's content. Not only was my time as CP not successful, it will be rather

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Review of a deal gone bad

32 Day 2,010, 10:51 Published in India India Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

Sequence of events:

-Albania proposes India for an air strike (AS).

-AS of Gujarat commences.

-Albanian Foreign Affairs team contacts Indian CP. They want to stress two points. Number one, there is no ill will between Albania and India, in

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