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[CP] The Myths of the Titanium Dream

11 Day 873, 20:24 Published in Canada Canada

There is a large focus right now on V2 for all the wrong reasons. Instead of piling on to that debate, allow me to revisit the top news story of last week... and the one that will once again be tops next week, or in the very near future: Titanium.

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Canada's Eight Media Moguls

15 Day 872, 16:38 Published in Canada Canada

How does one become a Media Mogul? I have asked the question before and sought to provide some answers. Today I've decided to take a closer look at Canada's very own moguls, eight in number, wanting to see if there were any common characteristics.

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No Pants, No Secrets... No Kidding

9 Day 871, 11:09 Published in Canada Canada

We interrupt our regularly scheduled pretentious scribbling to bring to you a review of the quintessential Canadian offering, No Pants,read more »

Make More Money than with a Media Mogul Medal!

8 Day 870, 03:36 Published in Canada Canada

So rewards come in all shapes and sizes but in the New World they generally come in the form of a shiny medal and 5 gold.

For the same

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Derek Harland, the triumph of perseverance

8 Day 869, 03:29 Published in Canada Canada

There are always storylines surrounding elections. Most of the time they are of a negative nature or designed to harm some of the participants involved. This election saw some gentler, kinder campaigns, it saw some actual ideas being presented and

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