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[TUP]Come Celebrate with Us

31 Day 2,248, 01:02 United Kingdom Social interactions and entertainment Social interactions and entertainment

Dear readers, friends and the world,

Today is rather a special occasion.

A birthday is always something to be celebrated, … read more »

[Boh]A History of TWO - Days of Imperialism

10 Day 2,244, 12:07 United Kingdom Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

Dear friends and readers

While talking with a friend of mine, The Equalist, he suggested writing the History of TWO - complete with some observations. The rationale being … read more »

[Boh]A History of TWO - The Early Days

17 Day 2,240, 15:00 United Kingdom Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

Dear Friends, readers and the world

A year has passed since the birth of The World is Ours Alliance. A year which saw the destruction of two alliances. A year which saw … read more »

[Boh]ChewChewShoe, I am Sad

33 Day 2,228, 13:40 United Kingdom Political debates and analysis Political debates and analysis

Dear eUK

So we dun got robbed. To be honest, I am not surprised its happened, it a crime in the waiting as we say. But to be robbed by the CP? We have to be careful who … read more »

[Boh] Want Romper? Nope, gimme Keers

29 Day 2,163, 01:23 United Kingdom Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

So, a break from the usual duties of the Prime Minister. As a disclaimer, this article bears no relation to my job, but is a reflection of several months of government … read more »